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Allergy Friendly Chocolates :)

Allergic people are quite fortunate in these times because there are many allergy friendly chocolate companies on the markets now. We don't have to stick to dark chocolates [ Although they're the healthiest!! ]. we too can indulge in dairy milk-free chocolates with luscious fillings like vanilla cream or caramel! Whoo Hoo!!

Let's start with the top 8 (as of now, hopefully this year 2019 Sesame will be added to this list)

So many of our favorite candy chocolate or not contain many of these top allergens, so it isn't as simple as grabbing a sweet treat from your local store. ( So if you're going to grab a candy bar or other sweet treat off the store shelves Read Your Labels! ) However, many health markets like Whole Foods and Fresh Thyme, and Trader Joe's carry some allergy safe candy. But the best way to get your hands on some of the safe and good stuff is to purchase your sweets from an online allergy friendly candy manufacturer.

I'm starting with Pascha Chocolate. This company is of all of the top 8 allergens! Whoo Hoo!! Pascha chocolates are also vegan, refined sugar free and sugar alcohol free; not it doesn't get any better than that folks!!

[ The Mustard flowering plant ]

Amanda's Own Confections is a small company with a dedication to making candy safe for allergic peeps. :() Amanda's sweets are also free of Sesame along with Mustard [ for those with mustard allergies ] in fact these sweet treats are free of 14 known allergens, including sulfites and lupine, and are also Kosher. Lupine is a legume that's related to peanuts, and is used in many foods as flavorings and in many gluten free foods. See our Instagram post about lupine allergy on our Livingthrugrace gram!

No Whey Foods one of the more well known amongst allegergics :) NoWhey chocolates are free of the top 8 allergens, as well as being free of artificial colors and flavors; they're Kosher and vegan and have some of the loveliest truffles around!

Gimbals Candy has a site that's full of all sorts of gourmet sweet treats of the chewy variety like gourmet jelly beans, and licorice. They're candy is free of the top eight's and is Kosher. For those non-chocolate candy lovers this is a jelly belly haven!

[ Mmm! Looks like a perfect combo to me! Coffee & Cotton candy :() ]

Natural Candy Store is a one stop shop for all of your candy needs. Their site has everything from chocolates to candy mixes and cotton candy to food colors and gum! There's a menu to shop by diet such as organic, dye free, non GMO, allergy friendly, gluten free and more. When you're in the mood for a bit more than a box of chocolates check them out.

Enjoy Life Foods is a well known brand for allergic dietary needs. The products from this company are free of the top eight's and sesame, potato, mustard, sulfites, artificial colors and flavors. They're also Kosher and non GMO. Their dark chocolate chips are a staple in our house, and even the non allergic don't notice a difference!

[ Hey do you mind? I'm grazing! Besides you don't need my services anymore! ]

Moo Free manufactures dairy free chocolates that are also gluten free, soy free, organic and vegan. The candy is wrapped in environmentally friendly packaging and their factory waste does NOT end up in our landfills! Thats delicious and sustainable!!

Eating Evolved another company who's candy doesn't have anything that isn't necessary. What makes this company unique is that you can create your own chocolate bars! ( check the add in's for allergens, but it's all there on the site) Some of the add ins include matcha powder, puffed quinoa, gluten free oreos to potato chips and gluten free lucky charms!

Hillside Candy If you are watching your blood sugar, Hillside's got ya! Their candies are sugar free gluten free diabetic and organic! For those where sugar isn't an issue they also carry sugar based hard candy and chocolates. They've also replace soy which used to prevent candy from sticking to sunflower oil! Woo Hoo!

Zollipops are sugar free and vegan mollies, candy drops and taffy. All are sweetened with stevia, xylitol and erythritol. (if your sensitive to sugar alcohols you may want to steer clear of these candies) Zollies are also Kosher and non GMO

Tootsie is a familiar name and the company still carries tootsie pops tootsie rolls, double bubble, junior mints and more vintage candy faves. All are free of peanuts, tree nuts and gluten! Get some and dig up your childhood!! The tootsie pops were my personal favorite! :)

These are some of the variety in choices for safe candy for allergics!! I have a box of bon bons arriving from No Whey chocolates, so stay tuned for a review. Oh what fun work!! :()

Sometimes candy can be a 'Life Saver'! LOL Just having pun! I mean fun!!! :()

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