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Immune Boosting Foods to Fight Inflammation & Disease!

Whether we're at home or work, doesn't it seem that we're usually around sickos? LOL! What I mean is that there's usually someone who's carrying a hacking cough, has major sniffles or a cold or something that's lingering or reoccurring. Our immune systems are working overtime!! But, we can give our system some much needed support through nutrition with specific foods targeted for the first line of defense! Incorporating more of these foods not only helps to fight off illness but aids in keeping our energy levels up without turning to detrimental elements like Red Bull drinks. :o

[ Adrianne made a delish mixed berry jam by combining frozen mixed berries, a little water- (it can be juice if you like) and when berries are thawed add in chia seeds 1 -2 tbsp and if you like it sweeter 2 tbsp of maple syrup or sweetener of choice. Voila a homemade jam with your fresh ingredients! We like adding in cinnamon too. :) ]

Vitamin C will help us to 'see' a way out from getting so sick :()

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the immune system. Check with your doctor to find out if you need a C supplement, but there are plenty of delicious foods loaded with this vitamin!

Berries, one of nature's super power foods help to satiate with their generous fiber content, and add a sweet-tart splash of antioxidants to our meals! Eaten alone fresh or added to foods like yogurt, salads, smoothies, practically anything you'd like berries have your back!

[ Donna knows and loves the variety of grain choices available these days to get in her zinc! ]

[ This little guy is loaded with zinc! Seafood anyone?! ]

Zinc a trace mineral that's essential for our health and function. Zinc effects pretty every process the body performs and it includes the immune system! Without zinc our bodies wouldn't function, period, it's that important. Sources of zinc include, grains, nuts/seeds, and beans, meat ( chicken, beef, and pork ), fortified breakfast cereals ( look for ones that aren't genetically modified ), dark chocolate ( the darker the better ), and crab or lobster. In fact, these crustations contain 43%

[ for alaskan king crab ] and 23% [ for lobster ] of the recommended daily value recommended for zinc. That's good news, for those of you who aren't allergic to shellfish! :()

Garlic delicious and zinc friendly! Fresh garlic has a positive effect against viruses and bacteria, this also includes garlic supplements. [ check with your doc before incorporating them into your diet ]. Garlic added to homemade soups and stews are helpful in fighting upper respiratory infections! You can't beat those results!! Get your garlic on, and oh yeah, according to Adrianne, you'll have no trouble with those pesky vamps either! LOL

Tea time! Green tea is a super antioxidant drink that strengthens our immune system. Green tea may also aid in the suppression of autoimmune disease. Pictured above, our LivingThruGrace ladies prefer Matcha which is just a more concentrated form of green tea. The entire leaves are ground up into the Matcha powder for more of the tea benefits.

[ The effective nutrients of Ginseng are found in it's roots ]

This root spice Ginseng may look pretty weird, but it's a powerful healer for our immune systems. This herb also can help the body adapt to metabolic stress, improve memory and other cognitive functions, and protect against free radicals, inflammation and disease. Before trying this herb please check with your doc because it may react with certain meds. Ginseng comes in popular forms such as teas, the actual root or the root ground into a powder and as a supplement.

Echinacea is an herb that comes from a beautiful flower. This popular herb is usually consumed during the onset of a cold. It's believed to reduce the severity and longevity of colds and flu. Echinacea has also shown positive effects on some of our white blood cells that help us to fight inflammation. However, if you have ragweed or to any plants in the daisy family, or are taking heart or anti fungal medications. This is why I repeat that before taking these herbs, check with your doctor. I can't take these ( echinacea or ginseng ) because of my allergies, so I just get in as many of these immune boosting foods as I can! :()

[ "Where my sun at?!!" :() ]

Vitamin D the sunshine nutrient is something many of just never get in adequate amounts anymore! This vitamin plays an important role in the cells of our immune system. A lack of vitamin D can cause autoimmune conditions to worsen, depression, hair loss, impaired wound healing bone pain fatigue and more. Unfortunately, we can't all live in Hawaii LOL! So getting vitamin D through nutrition and supplementation is really important. A simple blood test from your healthcare provider can determine of your deficient in this vitamin.

[ Lisa's laying in the 'sun' so to speak with her prescribed vitamin D

supplements! ]

Supplementing with vitamin D has beneficial effects on strengthening our immune systems as well as our other cellular functions necessary to live. Your doctor will decide if you need a supplement, usually in the form of 500-1000 IU.

Foods that contain good amounts of vitamin D are:

[ Cod liver oil tabs have come a long way, one quick swallow an NO fishy after taste! ]

[ Well...these Morel mushrooms make me glad I'm allergic! Eek!! LOL ]

** Fish-such as Salmon Rainbow Trout Canned Tuna Sardines Oysters Shrimp

* *Mushrooms like Shiitake Portobello and Morel

** Egg yolk the only part of the egg that contains D- So eat your whole eggs! :)

** Swiss Cheese

** Cod Liver Oil also a great source of anti-inflammatory Omega 3 acids

** Fortified foods like dairy milk and non dairy milks as well as Orange juice

** Cereals and Oatmeal

Adding in these foods and supplements (if needed) support our whole health and provide a way to lift our immune system and fortify our body with healing nutrients that benefit our body and our minds! We can stand strong against the garage of germs we are bombarded with throughout our lives! Nutrition is really so very important and I'm grateful to be able to pass along such crucial information to assist us all in living better healthier lives! :()

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