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Lifestyle Changes to Keep Asthma Under Better Control.

Living with Asthma or living with a loved one with it can pose some challenges in keeping it properly managed and controlled. While an asthma attack or flares cannot always be prevented, there are steps we can take; lifestyle adjustments that can aid in lowering your chances of multiple flares that impede the quality of your life. If you are experiencing a shift for the worst with your asthma, by all means, please see your healthcare provider.

Reducing the allergens that get into our airways is the key to better control. The use of Saline Nasal Rinse can be a boon to those with pollen allergies, who spend a lot of time outdoors, and if there are pets in the home because the saline solution rinses and clears the debris out of our nasal passages. You should check with your doctor to learn if and how often you should be doing this. Because I live with severe sinus issues on top of asthma this rinse that Ariah's showing us :() is my best friend!

Just like when we were kids and had indoor and outdoor clothes, this should become a regular practice for you to keep outside allergens that like to cling to our clothing at bay.

Carpet especially wall to wall is a magnet for trapping allergens in your home. A better option would be to replace them with area rugs, one's with a smoother short nap as opposed to a thicker one like a shag! Vacuuming often with a HEPA filter on your vacuum is ideal, [ I'm guilty of hanging onto my former vacuum, but it's really time for an upgrade! It will just have to wait to get squeezed into our budget! Real life! :() ].

Outdoor elements are other culprits that can alert our lungs to trouble. Extremes such as hot and humid or freezing cold are both a danger for troubled lung conditions, along with cigarette smoke, smog, air pollution, exhaust fumes from vehicles and factories, scents from perfume and piped in scents added to stores and other public places.

[ Crew drama! :) ]

Keeping those rescue inhalers and medications with you at all times is another important key to keeping the asthma beast at bay. Keeping regular appointments with your allergist or healthcare provider is our super power for managing our asthma and allergies! Waiting until you have an asthma attack before seeing a doc could spell trouble making it more challenging to keep on top of lung control.

Any worsening symptoms of asthma or allergies should be immediately investigated by your doctor also. There could be a small adjustment in meds that may make all the difference. Be sure to talk to your doctor about any lifestyle changes because there may be hidden factors that could be affecting the current changes in your health.

It's not uncommon for breathing to become more difficult during the night. [ as if we don't have enough problems LOL! ]. Lying down relaxes and narrows the muscles in the airways. :o Propping yourself up on two to more pillows, and firmer pillows can help to position the airways for better nighttime breathing. Taking the time to minimize the allergens in the bedroom can make a big difference in keeping those airways clear and you sleeping better.

[ I'm with Vanessa, natural fabrics in bedding bring an instant luxury to our nighttime experience! ]

The use of pillow and mattress covers will keep you from run in's with those nasty little dust mites!! Choosing Hypoallergenic bedding make the smartest choice. There are other benefits to choosing this type of protection for your asthma and allergy needs too, such as:

**They're easier to clean than cleaning the entire mattress because they can be removed and tossed into the wash.

**Of course they provide protection from dust mites and bed bugs keeping them away from your mattress altogether.

**They protect from wear and tear of our mattress

**They help protect from any liquids seeping into the mattress

Hypoallergenic mattress covers come in ranges from around 20 up to 200 dollars so look for one that fits your budget and preferences in materials. [ Covers come in cotton, wool, latex, and polyester ] Latex and polyester are more efficient in being water resistant while natural fibers like wool and cotton provide a soft and pleasant feel. :)

The more adept we become with making continual lifestyle and health adjustments concerning out asthma and allergy management the more comfortable we can live and breathe! :() That makes us Asthma Warriors!!

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