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LivingThruGrace Yearly Favorite Things! Pt. 1

Of course we're starting out the ending of our year with our favorite things, beginning with drinks, tea & coffee! Can't imagine any day without them. We like trying different brands but we always come back to our tried and trusted favorites that always bring a delicious resulting drink!

I never saw the purpose of an electric kettle until we bought one! The Bonavita is an elegant little pot with a long curved spout for splash-less pouring into even the smallest receptacle! It's fast, we don't need the stove top and now we can adjust brewing times for our more delicate teas like white and herbal. It heats to boiling so fast, I don't know how I've been without one!

Our Mocha Express coffee pot is a boon to coffee lovers everywhere! it's simple and brews up a tasty rich cup of expresso or coffee two cups at a time. It's also small so it's space friendly!

A beautiful teapot only enhances our tea drinking experiences! A feast for the eyes as wwell as the soul! We found our colorful floral [a favorite print of ours] teapot at our local Tuesday Morning store, but affordable teapots can be found anywhere, even at flea markets; where you'll find some tea totaling treasures!!

We can't get enough of Peet's brand Coffee! It has delicious chocolatey notes that we can't live without! Their decaf is just as tasty as the fully loaded stuff.

[ It's a Tea & Coffee lovers dream, not to mention the restaurant/tea room where you can experience a full English tea service.]

Fortnum & Mason is one of our top favorite brands for tea.! The Fortnum's mall in London is the bees knees! The Assam Tea imparts a rich malty flavor that we like in our tea and it's perfect with our without milk. Our personal faves are Assam Surperb, Royal Blend and Yunnan which has a unique smoky like flavor.

Not only is their four floor mall filled with endless teas but chocolates and other confections, preserves, cookies and more! Find the tea of your dreams and more at:

Here at LivingThruGrace, we don't have the space for a fancy milk frother so our little one does the job just fine and only requires a little drawer space and a couple of batteries! The Kuissential Electric Milk Frother 2.0 is from Amazon and very affordable! [ starts at $8.99 ] It foams up our almond milk and non dairy creamers light and bubbly the way we like it. You can get one here:

We take our health seriously at LivingThruGrace and that means we always have our spicy Turmeric Health Mix on deck ready to mixed with milk for golden milk or water for a turmeric tea that soothes coughing and aids in bringing down inflammation in the body! We add a little good fat like coconut oil of ghee ( when making golden milk) and it helps the turmeric to absorb into the body more efficiently. For the complete recipes see our blog post titled: Fight inflammation with Turmeric Tea & Cough Mix under Asthma Health & Care :()

DO matcha brand matcha tea is our go to for it's bright green color and vivid flavor that makes superb matcha tea hot or cold. This tea of course as we all know is chocked full of antioxidants and has a slow release caffeine content so there's no big rush or drop afterwards. There are so many brands at different price levels to fit anyone's budget. Drink to your health! I buy matcha on Amazon but it can be found practically anywhere nowadays!

Non dairy creamers are plentiful these days thankfully and two of our favorites we use regularly are Nut Pods and Califia Farms dairy free. Both are delicious and add a rich and creamy touch that one could only get with actual dairy based creamers in the past!

[ Clawdie knows how important antioxidants like in this berries tea are for her Asthma health! ]

Lastly, another couple of favorite tea company's we love at LivingThruGrace are Clipper Tea and The Tea Shop tea. Their boxes are lovely as well as their tea. Both have a large selection of organic teas and use natural flavorings as opposed to artificial like many tea companies do.

Stay tuned for part 2 of LivingThruGrace's yearly favorites coming soon!

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