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Weather Asthma Triggers

What's the weather like today? It's a common question yet it takes on a whole new meaning when living with Asthma. So many weather factors can effect our asthma and it varies from person.

Extreme weather can be more problematic [ for our 'weathered' airways :() ] than mild weather. Those dreaded pollen counts are also affected by weather so it's kind of layered. LOL Extended changes in weather patterns known as Climate Change have a major effect on our asthma health. Increased temps and severe storms are a surefire road to an asthma attack. :<

While colder weather can be cozy and beautiful as the towns become a living snow globe, it has it's drawbacks for 'heavy breathers'! Cold air is often dry and dry air is a direct trigger for narrowing of the airways causing and attack.

If you live with exercise induced asthma cold air can be an enemy because the deeper heavy breathing during workouts cause the body to need more oxygen. So when you inhale through the mouth you take in the cold dry air, that's why it's important to know the day's weather so adjustments can be made in your workout schedule.

[ Well, too bad for this lady- we all know who she is LOL! Perhaps if she'd used a weather app she wouldn't have met her end! ]

When storms happen the rain lands on the pollen grains and breaks them up and sets them free (oh no!). This makes pollen grains much easier to inhale. Then there's high winds and wind storms like tornados that carry pollen through the air where they crash land into our lungs! Drats!! These type of storms affect many people at once as the storms swoop over large areas.

Hitting the beach when it's hot might sound like a good idea in theory, but for those with asthma it might not be such a good idea depending on how high the humidity! In hot humid air dust mites and mold thrive. Furthermore Ozone/Pollution, days are in action, where it's critical for those with lung afflictions to take cover indoors; not to mention high Pollen days. Yep, there's no rest for the weary asthmatic lungs! One must be armed with the proper knowledge of the days weather and an understanding of why it's so important.

We are fortunate that we live in an age where there are many resources for us to stay prepared for weather mishaps. Staying on top of our atmosphere and bringing along the necessary arsenal such as asthma meds, face masks [ So important because you may venture into an area where there's a change in weather-Hot or Cold, or other environment occurrences. For example I must beware of what I call drive by grassings! :() Were I unfortunately come upon an area where grass is being cut because that's a big trigger for me!]

Here are a few resources to help keep on top of things! [ This is the Environmental Protection Agency's air quality site based on( AQI) Air Quality Index. If the AQI is above 101 it can be dangerous for those with asthma.

Let's get armed for our lungs! :()

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