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Piper & Danica's Day Trip to SanFrancisco!

[ the Ladies grab a quick but nutritious bite at the airport ( yep, a morning salad with potatoes Mmm mmm! ]

[ These ladies are Tramming it! ]

[ Danica showing off! :D ]

[ The Crew went to meet a friend at Google, then some photo fun by the bridge! ]

[ Friendship bonds grow as they're able to have some hang time sans all the other crew members. ]

A little gossiping in the San Francisco Streets and then some good eats! Lunch outdoors. It looks delish! chili cheese fries!!! ]

[ Uh Oh, looks like Danica & Piper ran into a shark at the marina!! I hope they didn't get caught up in a Sharknado storm! :D Nerd alert :0 ]

[ The ladies saved room after lunch for some San Francisco snackin'; sharing cotton candy & their favorite chocolates from the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory! I hope Danica's remembering her newly acquired food allergies! :) ]

[ Just get me to the chocolate!!!!!! ]

[ Sight seeing by the bay these ladies are prepared for the Cali sun with their oversized sunglasses! ]

[ A girlfriends trip they'll never forget! ]

[ The ladies catch a trolly because it's the quintessential thing to do :D and Piper takes time away to connect with our Lord in prayers.]

[ Before Piper & Danica head back to the airport, they catch a caffeine kick :D ]

[ Memories made that they'll treasure forever... ]

[ When we arrived back home, the ladies were so tired from their adventures, they collapsed right on top of my Mac computer! :D ]

Thanks for sharing in the travel adventures with the LivingThruGrace Crew members!!!!

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