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Roxy & Violet's Daytrip to Cali

[Roxy and Violet are fashion ready and excited to get away for some extra Vitamin D!]

[ Roxy takes a moment to give thanks to the Lord for the blessings in her life. ]

[ We ended up at the Farmers Market for lunch. There was so much to choose from and we were pretty famished so we all forgot to take pics! :D Afterward we headed over to the Grove! ]

[The ladies were really happy to visit the candy bar!!! ]

[ Anyone for Lollypops?! ]

Roxanne remember's that candy unless stated otherwise is colored with artificial dyes that effect many health issues, including her Osteoarthritis and Violet's moods.

[ Roxy remembers that she's off dairy for her joint health so these chocolate bars are out! She's searching for plant milk based chocolate bars, but she won't find them here!]

[ Roxy's fashion choices and hair match the colors in the candies! ]

[ Violet spots a candy journal. that's much better for her than all that candy!!! ]

[ Vi's looking amazing with her hair and all the color in the shop! ]

[ After the Candy Bar the ladies seemed to be a bit moody; I warned them about all that sugar! :D They looked so lovely against these flowers, I finally got them together for a photo! ]

[ Hope Roxy doesn't fall in! ]

[ The ladies are really enjoying this trio and the Grove! I'm so glad their moods perked up! ]

[ They're really letting go now! Silly and Sunny! ]

[ Future super Star?? I hope she doesn't turn up on some reality show! :D ]

[ Beautiful Lady, desiring to be beautiful in God's eyes! ]

[ It looks like Roxy's getting in those Negative Ions from the ocean and it's boosting her happiness level all the way up! Learn more about what negative ions are on my blog post Natural Healing With Sea Salt! ]

These ladies had a blast and rejuvenated their minds as well as their souls on this day trip. They are grateful for their blessings and are ready to get back into life to pay it forward being a blessing to others on their life's journey.

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