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[ Things have been looking up for Violet since moving into the Crew House! ]

Violet Rose Smith named after her unique hair color was an acquaintance of Roxanne's and was told about the Crew House in excitement because Roxy's been able to break away from her old world and settle into ( though she struggles) being refined by God.

Violet lives with mood swings and mild depression and has had a tough time lately managing her life because of this. She runs into problems at work ( She works in tech and is a die hard techie! ) with co workers and has distanced herself from her family.

However, after Violet accepted the invite to move into the house, she's been able to gain knowledge on how her lifestyle effects her moods. She does still have clashes, even with her house mates at times, but she's really embracing a healthier way of living and she's loving her new connection to the Lord! She grew up in a church atmosphere but fell away from it and her spiritual relationship as she grew up and her moods became more erratic. She loves knowing that God has her back no matter what mood she's in or what setbacks she has.

[ Danica's a bit camera shy, but so photogenic! ]

Danica DuBois hails from the French Quarter New Orleans! She's fluent in French, and is quite artistic, in fact she runs a little art studio in town! Danica had been feeling something important missing from her life. Success didn't bring her the happiness she thought it would. She felt incomplete and wasn't sure why. Piper wandered into Danica's studio one day and the rest is history.

Danica is learning that her feeling of incompleteness seemed from not having a relationship with the Lord. Only He can fill up that space in us that can never be completely filled by people. It can only be filled on a spiritual level. Piper's teachings and Danica's desire to connect are helping to set her on the right path to real success.

Danica can see that her desire to always lend a helping hand to anyone stems from her God source, her kind and loving spirit amongst other attributes that she's so thankful for. Danica has been diagnosed with multiple food allergies and has been struggling with it, but fortunately she has the other ladies to lean on and to help her through it.

[ It's Lemon's world, we just live in it! :D ]

Lemon Harlow got her name because she was quite a yellow baby and grew to adore all things yellow! :D Lemon doesn't live in the Crew House, she prefer's to be on her own and isn't that adept at sharing anything let alone her space! She come's form a privileged background and was over indulged growing up. The result of that was a sweet but pretty self centered gal who still believes the world revolves around her :D

Lemon needs direction and depth in her life. Danica met her at her art studio and Lemon became a frequent customer. After a time Danica could see through Lemon's faced and that her life wasn't the way she makes it out to be to everyone else. Danica mentioned how her life is turning around since moving to the LivingThruGrace House and invited her. However, the Crew house isn't quite glamorous enough for Lemon's taste, but she was definitely interested in learning to grow in some other way than she has.

Since Lemon's so used to seeing herself as 'above' everyone else, she doesn't really connect to the other ladies yet. Actually, she's spent little time there at all even though she desires to do so. She's not ready for life lived on God's terms. She doesn't see it a the true freedom that it is, but as a confinement. Keep watching to find out where her journey lands!

[ London loves being photographed due to her former career as a fashion model! ]

London Sinclair a part time model met Roxy and Clawdie at a fashion event and after she heard about the Crew House it never left her mind. A few weeks later London contacted Roxy who gave her the invite to move in.

London has a difficult time relating to to others, and is quite an introvert ( See my fun blog post on being an introvert myself! ) so she hesitated at the thought of living with other people, but London was a little lost in life. Modeling was leaving her feeling unfulfilled and bored and she hasn't had the courage or confidence to go for what she really wants which is her own clothing line. She's been stalled for a long while and afraid to reach out.

Since moving in London still has a hard time with the ladies in group situations, she's much more comfortable in a one to one. She's learning that it's ok to be introverted, it's her makeup, she just has to learn not to allow that trait to stall her in her life. She's been learning about the Lord, and is having a time because she can be self centered at times and just want's life to be easy and go her way. Looks like she has a little something in common with Lemon!

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