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LivingThruGrace Crew

[ Alex sits in gratitude for her experience at the LivingThruGrace House. ]

Alexandra Udinov was Nikkita's partner at a government facility called Division. She had a traumatic childhood and is still working to recover from all of the events in her life. My Hubby can't believe I took my obsession with the tv show Nikita all the way here but I did! :D

Nikitta invited Alex to the Crew House so that she too can begin to walk with the Lord. Her past has a real stronghold on her and she keeps moving forward without mending her past. Alex had an easy time adjusting to life in the Crew house, an unexpected experience as she's always been very comfortable on her own. The support she receives from the other ladies and new friendships, that she never really had a chance to develop are feeding her spirit.

[ This girl is 'made to move'! :D ]

Camille Roberts is Piper's cousin and friend. Like Piper Camille's life was a collapsed deck of cards and she just didn't know how to stop or fix it. After moving in with Piper, Camille found a place to leave behind her mistakes, judgements of herself, and her broken romances to be in the stillness of the Lord.

Camille loves fitness, especially yoga and teaches it from time to time, but she wants to do more with it. Her budding friendships with the ladies and her bible are helping her to find direction, to not lose herself in what she thought were great romances. She's beginning to recognize that she was giving away herself in order to be needed and desired by men. She's learning the kind of woman that God desires her to be and to develop the qualities he has for her. Camille hates when squabbles break out in the Crew house; and they do! She's withdraws from confrontation and wishes Piper would downsize the membership a bit!

[ Janine did Not want to take a pic, but I persuaded her to, ok, begged her to! :D ]

Janine Foster, what can I say about this girl?! Some might say that Janine's a s&#T starter :D But if we look deeper we can see that there's a troubled woman here. Janine almost didn't move into the Crew house. It took some cajoling from Piper who knows that the Lord can rescue us all!

Janine comes form a troubled home where there was verbal abuse and aggression. She carried this same behavior into her life and it has caused chaos everywhere she goes. She know's that something's amiss, but just ends up blaming everyone else for her actions. Right now, she despises being in the house and most of the ladies too! She doesn't have the verbal skills to communicate effectively and has caused a few upsets already.

We'll just have to stay tuned to follow Janine's story as it unfolds and we discover more about her!

Welcome to the Crew House. Journey with us!

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