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[ Roxanne insisted on posing with her shoes because she's a bit of a shoe hound! She claims she was making a statement! :D ]

Roxanne Highland was spotted one day by Piper and Freida performing some impressive flips and tumbles in the park! They began talking only to discover Roxy's a former gymnast who still loves keeping at least some of her skills up to date :D Roxy lives with Osteoarthritis from her stint as a pro gymnast.

Roxy's had some damaged relationships with people in her life and has developed a tough shell ( to protect herself ) but on the inside she's lost and doesn't understand how she always seems to end up in the middle of drama. She doesn't have too many people left in her life that she trusts and was moved and jumped at the invite to move into the Crew House. Roxy struggles with learning about her Lord and his place in her life. She leans heavily on Piper for understanding, as she's not yet learned to completely surrender to God. She's become a protective a loyal friend to a couple of the ladies in the house with similar backgrounds and personality types that she feels she relates to.

[ Clawdie was channeling Lena Horne, or so she thought! :D ]

Claudette Williams is a former cheerleader and dancer, and best pal to Roxanne. Roxy saw Clawdie at the gym and hit it off immediately. Once they got to know one another Clawdie confided how she's been lost and suffering from low self image due to her time participating in music videos in her past. Hollywood ran a number on Clawdie's esteem, and even after she decided to stop participating in dance videos the constant comparison to other girls, looks, size and everything else has destroyed Clawdies inner cheerleader.

Roxy informed Clawdie on how she's trying to learn who she really is as a daughter of the Lord ( though she doesn't have complete understanding of this yet, she does know that there's a higher power, a God power who created and loves her unconditionally and that's what's keeping her going ) Clawdie moved right in and is truly overjoyed that there is a God who matters more than other people's ideas of who she is!

Claudia too, lives with Asthma and is struggling to learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle to help manage it. She loves the foods she grew up eating especially sweets and is having some food rebellion issues :D Roxy is working closely with her as she's disciplined with her diet because of her sport background. Being in Hollywood, Clawdie's had to learn to stand up for herself and carries that with her in her relations with the other ladies in the house.

[ It isn't easy letting go and learning to trust, but Willow's right where the Lord wants her to be... ]

Willow Zbornak met Piper at the market. Willow's had quite a few hard knocks in her life growing up bi racial and being bullied because of it. She was lead to become a Teacher and help other kids who are being bullied in school. Willow's family wasn't a close one and she and her sister were rejected by their father's side of the family because of their racial make up.

She has trust issues and has pretty much kept to herself in her personal life. She doesn't make friends easily because of her past, but Piper was so warm and provided Willow with a sense of comfort from the start. I believe God placed piper in this position and provided her with a warm and trustworthy spirit, a Godly spirit to attract these women here on their journey's.

[ Ann has a regal and gentle beauty that she isn't yet aware of. The Lord will help her light to shine... ]

Ann Harper is one of the ladies of advanced age in the house. She's known Veronica through career social circles, as she too works in the corporate field, but is feeling the crunch to be 'downsized' for a younger crowd. Ann can't relate to many of her younger employees and feels like she's being tossed away by the world because of her age. She's uncomfortable in her skin at this stage of life and doesn't appreciate yet the gift of growing older and the wisdom and other gifts that come along with being blessed with growing older.

Veronica told Ann about her struggles and how she's learning through her relationship with God to free herself from worldly perspectives since moving into the Crew house and is thinking of foraging an entire new career based on he growing passions. Ann continues to feel displaced at the house as there are some younger ladies there too, but she enjoys spending time with Piper and Veronica and they're helping her to turn to the Lord in her struggles and so that she can know that she is a beautiful and blessed daughter of God.

More Crew members on the way! Enjoy getting to know them :D

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