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Salt Inhaler For Asthma & Respiratory Care :) Halotherapy

What can we do but keep on breathing in and out, modest and willing, and in our places? ~Mary Oliver

[ Any high quality sea salt will due, I just happen to have pink sea salt on hand. However, You're COARSE GRIND sea salt will work. I didn't have any coarse salt on hand :/ ]

When I find a natural way to assist and maintain my asthma I'm all over it :D I'd heard recently, about Salt Therapy and it's benefits for the body, and for breath care specifically. I've seen pictures of Salt Caves in fancy resorts where one can go to detox the body using the natural salts that grow in the caves, or man made salt caves and rooms.

[ Nikita happily shows off her Salt Inhaler! This is a welcome addition for her asthma management. Can you believe Lemon photo bombed Nikita's pic? :D ]

Halotherapy comes from the Greek word 'halos', which translates into salt and it's a therapy because it's used to aid in healing as well as supporting our body. So how does salt therapy aid in respiratory conditions such as COPD, Asthma, and sinus issues?

Ayuvedic cultures have used and relied on the holistic treatment of salt therapy for thousands of years for nasal and throat irrigation * to detoxify the respiratory system * healing skin conditions * alleviate allergy symptoms * colds * helping with stressed muscles and joints (it's become popular with athletes as a supplement to their whole body care) to helping with sleeping issues ( sleep apnea & snoring) and overall wellness. and is still a highly desired mode of healing for people from all walks of life, for adults and children.

[ Nikita convinces an unsure Clawdie to give Halotherapy a try! ]

[ Nikita sings the praises of her salt inhaler to her old friend Diahann who's interested in it for her constant colds and sleep aid. ]

The way sea salt helps with breathing issues is that it aids in cleansing the respiratory system and this helps to push out toxins. Sea salt particles penetrate deep into the lung area to help with repair of damaged tissue. The reason sea salt is so healing is because it's:

Antibacterial * Helps loosen mucus and helps to expel it from the body( which is why it's so helpful in helping to heal colds, pneumonia, smokers cough bronchitis and other mucus related illnesses and conditions) * Helps remove airborne allergens like pollen, smoke, and pollution * It's Anti-inflammatory * Helps with immune system oversensitivity, as it helps to balance the histamine response in the lungs and the cavities of the sinus by coating the membranes, and improves sleep(because of better balanced histamine).

* The medical community is in disagreement with these types of therapy, because there haven't been any definitive long term studies on it, and for some it could irritate the bronchial airways. That being said, it's up you and you health care team to decide if this is something you'd like to try. I'm comfortable with it so I'm giving it a go. I think people with breathing issues should be required to live by the oceans/seas!!! :D

[ Looks creepy & soothing at the same time! ]

Salt rooms are becoming increasingly popular around the world (check in your area if you wand to adventure out and explore one!) Salt rooms are made to mimic the naturally occurring salt caves that exist throughout Europe.

Here are a few directories of Salt Spas both nationally and internationally:

For those of us who can't make it to the spa :D or off to chill in a salt cave :D for salt therapy don't fret; there's a solution, Salt Inhalers * Neti Pots ( you may have heard of this one), Salt lamps * Saline baths with Epsom salts * Salt gargling

Starting with how to use a salt inhaler, which can be purchased in numerous places such as health markets, spas, online, ( I purchased mine from and it's called: Natural Solution Salt Inhaler Respiratory Aid,with Himalayn Salt for $14.42, but there are many to choose from for your budget).

[ Salt one of the many earthly gifts provided to us from our Father God.]

Directions come with your salt inhaler ( which is assembled already, at I believe most of them are) but it's really very simple. To use a salt inhaler, just place the stem portion in the mouth and slowly breathe in as deeply as you can and then breathe out through the nostrils. It's very important not to breath out INTO THE INHALER, just move the salt inhaler away from your mouth to breathe out through the nostrils. See video below:

Many people report a reduction of their asthma flare ups, and sinus/allergy symptoms while using this inhaler. Some people use essential oils such as Eucalyptus and peppermint oils in their salt inhalers for relief from sinus and asthma symptoms, however, I'm not trained in essential oil healing modalities and would recommend seeking out one who is, as well as checking with your doctor as some essential oils may react with medications.

[ Always check with someone knowledgable before using any essential oils, especially if they're to be ingested. ]

I have and still do use Eucalyptus, ( clears the nasals and is a powerful decongestant) Peppermint,( also a great decongestant and cough reducer) doTerra Breathe Oil,( a mixture of oils especially for respiratory issues) and Lavender oils in my oil diffuser for assisting with my asthma and allergies and to scent my house, but I've talked with my doctor about it. I'm starting my salt inhaler today today (April 3) and I'll be reporting any benefits achieved. I'm always excited to embark on holistic ways to maintain my health! If I venture to a salt room in my local area, I'll post about the experience!!

So who's ready to try one of these Halotherapy experiences?! :D As we move more into managing our health through more natural means, we are blessed to live in a time where there is still so much available to us. Remember, to always talk with your doctor if you feel you are able to cut back our out any medical treatments you may be taking for your health condition. (We always want to be smart & safe!)

In the next post I'll discuss other modalities of salt therapy for health and wellness :D

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