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Gluten Free Struggles :/

[ I Got 99 Problems and Gluten is One! The girls try to soothe Prudence who suffers from Gluten Intolerance. Not being diligent can lead to disaster!]

Gluten Free, yeah, those two words sting and bring many thoughts to mind, like eww, what for?, trendy, expensive, flavor lacking, and more! :() Living mostly gluten free is a tall task and one that I often fail. I haven't read much about screw ups, and rebellion while partaking in this lifestyle but you will find it here on this blog in the hopes that I can help others who struggle [and fail] with food allergies that include gluten free.

Gluten is what? Gluten is :

So now that you're more familiar with the what's and why's of gluten, it's easy tp see why adopting a gluten free diet can be challenging. In one word TASTE! Food without gluten, the glue that binds together food and gives it that familiar and ooey-gooey, and chewy yumminess, taste rather well, gross, dry, over sweetened, a mild facsimile of what it's supposed to be :/ I'll say that there have been Vast improvements in recent years with g-free products, but alas; I haven't exactly embraced them -:

Everyone knows that soft chewy bite feel and taste of fresh bread or a soft roll, pizza crust, the richness of a real chocolate chip cookie! [ Almost done whining folks! ] Gluten free foods just don't measure up to me personally. My attitude towards these products has been the cause of me to slip off into rebellion one too many times

[Frieda is whipping up Gluten Free hot cakes for Nikita]

I'm not Celiac [ a genetic auto-immune disorder in which gluten causes damage to the small intestinal wall ], and I haven't tested allergic to wheat/gluten though I have been tested and do have multiple food allergies.[ I also get allergy shots which actually help withall of my allergies ] When I ingest wheat/gluten foods, I experience

inflammation, bloating and discomfort of the stomach, lethargy, and worst of all 'Wheat Brain'! Wheat brain is having a sense of brain fog ( i.e.); forgetfulness.[ did I just type this? LOL :() ] You'd think that having these symptoms would steer me away completely from the gluten fiend, but I'm afraid I've been a victim of my taste buds much to my detriment. :O

[Alex helps prepare Fresh Fruit]

[ Gluten Free brunch with friends that includes G-Free entree, Green Smoothies and Fresh Fruit to satisfy everyone!

However, as of late, the more I spiral out of control, the faster I feel these symptoms and it has been taking a toll on me and my poor gut(!), as well as the inflammation I experience is too painful for my joints and arm injuries and risky for my lung health, as we know that Asthmatics don't need ANY more inflammation there! Inflammation is also the but of so many diseases and conditions! I've decided that it's becoming worse for wear for me and I need to treat my body with more respect. :/ I do very

well with avoiding other foods that I'm allergic to, though I believe that's because it's pretty easy these days to be dairy free with so many excellent plant based options! I'm also allergic to pork, [ It gets tricky when buying chicken or turkey sausages because many have pork casings, but Trader Joe's Apple Chicken sausages are casing

FREE!] mushrooms, oats[ even gluten-free :( ], soy, all fermented foods, MSG [An Asthmatics nightmare!], and a host of sulfites/nitrates, and food additives. I also have banana, and nut 'intolerance' but have not tested allergic.

The difference between Food Allergies, intolerance or sensitivities are as follows:

Food Allergies: Cause reactions in your Immune System [ your body's 'army'; defense system ] and effects the organs in the body. Eating something you're allergic to will alarm and signal your immune system to 'deploy troops' and attack the invader. What happens is the immune system reacts actually overreacts and produces antibodies[the weapons of destruction!] called Immunoglobulin E [or IgE] that travel to cells that releases chemicals [your firepower!], thus causing allergic serious and or life threatening reaction.

Food Intolerance: Intolerances take place in the body's digestive system, where ingredients, or a component of an ingredient doesn't digest properly; where as food allergies take place in the immune system. When you consume foods that you're intolerant to you will most likely feel miserable, [ bloating, stomach ache, diarrhea] but it isn't life threatening.

Food Sensitivities: This is a fuzzy area because someone who experiences this may have a negative reaction to some foods, sometimes and not at other times. An example of this would be having acid reflux or stomach cramps, but the reaction is unpredictable. This is the most difficult to diagnose and the least understood out of these three reactions.

All is not lost as i have come across a few products that don't make me wish I could vomit :() but they are far and few between. I find the simplest way to adapt to a gluten free life is to eat whole natural foods that grow on trees, out of the ground, i.e. snacks made from or just the food itself, seeds, fruits and veggies etc..., for example, trail mix and granola which I love and do make frequently [though I seem to be expierencing a problem with nuts now, terrible bloating heartburn, not another sensitivity!] . As for bread products, the search continues. One of the problems for me is that gluten free products are either made with a ton of starches [ tapioca, potato, rice ] or a combo of nut and

[ Nikita assists me in making Gluten Free Crepes. This brand is ok...with some additions like add ins like applesauce, or if you're non allergic banana to add richness.]

coconut flours. Today I tried a new brand of gluten free pancake mix

[ Hodgson Mill Pancake & Waffle Mix with milled Flax] that's made with whole grains [ Whole grain Sorghum] and flax seed. The ingredients are much better. The result... meh :/ Here we go again... I'll keep these posts going on my struggles and my progress... of living a gluten free life. As of late, I've discovered so many other choices of mix and make breakfast mixes to choose from now. Currently updated I like Simple Mills brand mixes, and their gluten free crackers are awesome!

As of tonight I just had a brain reboot! I have forgotten how good I used to feel eating high raw, and low grain [ not no grain because I don't think I could ever give up rice :() ]

I need to re set my body habits, and taste buds so that I can release old cravings for high carb foods that don't serve me...the journey continues

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