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Gotcha Matcha Tea?

Fabulous Matcha

Antioxidants gotcha!

Finely milled who leaf

So green and lush

Delicious nutrition that you can trust!

That beautiful green

Slow release caffeine

Results in NO jolts to the body

This hot or cold brew Trumps any hot toddy!

You've probably hear of Matcha Tea and wondered if this was just another superfood or trendy product being thrown at you! You've questioned as to whether it's worth it to take the time to investigate this 'mysterious' tea! Well, the answer is yes!

Matcha isn't so mysterious after all because it's simply a finely milled green tea; that is the entire tea leaf is used instead of just steeping the tea leaves as in regular green tea. ( All green tea is amazing for your health so don't go throwing away your tea stash for matcha Lol!)

Matcha tea is worth adding to your life [ :() ] because just one serving of matcha is equal to ten 10, yep, I said Ten cups of regular green tea! Green tea, including Matcha is Loaded with Antioxidants. Keep hearing this word but are unsure what that even means; Antioxidants are powerful cancer fighters folks!

Antioxidants exist n all plant based foods like veggies and fruits, and some grains, but also in tea and (wait for it!..) coffee, chocolate and wine [Hip Hip Hurray!] The type of antioxidant found in chocolate are referred to as Flavanols [ Whatever, it just taste great right?! ]. Antioxidants in wine are called Resveratrol. [ I know, I know, who cares you're just happy something you like is good for you :() ]

There are many other types of antioxidants that exist in the form of Vitamins A and Carotenoids: found in Carrots, Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Kale, Collards, Peaches, Cantaloupe, and Apricots.

Vitamin C: Citrus Fruit such as Grapefruit, Tomatoes, Oranges, Limes, Strawberries, Broccoli, and Leafy Greens

Selenium: Found in Grains, Fish, Eggs, Chicken, and Garlic [Oh my, another reason to load up on those tasty bulbs!]

Vitamin E: Found in Green Leafy veggies, Seeds & Nuts and Liver and Liver Oil

Matcha Also contains it's very own antioxidant called Catechins which aren't found in other foods or drink. Catechins are very powerful cancer fighters!

Vitamins such as these are the real Power Brokers in our fight for a disease free body! Antioxidants prevent and stop cell damage that's caused by Free Radicals( or oxidants) found in our environment. We're living in a toxic world people!

If antioxidants aren't enough to convince you to try out Matcha Tea, it is also a powerful Metabolism booster and burns calories! [ Need I say more? But wait, I can!]. Matcha tea relaxes and calms the body because it contains an amino acid called L-theanine. This amino acid [exists in all teas but has up to 5 time more in Matcha], helps to bring about a calmer state of mind by producing Alpha Waves that create a state of relaxed yet alertness [ so it won't make you sleepy or jittery like other caffeinated beverages can]. L-theanine may provide us with a memory boost since it creates calmness and clarity. I think we can all use an extra boost in that area!

Wait, there's more! Matcha tea is crazy rich in Chlorophyll! Chlorophyll is what gives veggies, fruits [and Matcha] their vibrant green color. Learn to love the color green, it really is the color of health! Chlorophlyll helps the body to rid itself of toxins and other harmful invaders[ like chemicals, and heavy metals] in the body, it is the great Detoxifier.

Matcha can be purchased in different grades [ like maple syrup]. The tea grades determine the taste, but ALL matcha has the same nutrients. How to choose which matcha to buy, it boils down to preference.

[ Lizzie Hearts loves drinking Matcha Tea, it gives her the natural energy to carry out her royal tasks for the Court of Hearts! :D ]

Ceremonial Grade: [Drinking] imparts a smooth creamy mello taste that will probably appeal to most. Ceremonial grade is considered the top dog as it has the greatest concentration of amino acids. [ This grade also requires the most investment]

Classic Grade: [Drinking] has a very 'green', stronger more earthy and bitter flavor, this one is good for advanced matcha drinkers! :()

Cafe Grade: [Mixing] is good for mixing into drinks and food like lattes, smoothies and other drinks. [This grade is a more affordable value]

Kitchen Grade: [Cooking] is most exclusively used for cooking; preparing sauces, desserts and other savory and sweet dishes.

Since there are so many brand of Matcha available you may have to go down the trial and error road [ Oh Nooo! :) ], however I've been drinking matcha for years and a couple of my favorite brands Iv'e stuck with are:

DO Matcha Ceremonial

Pure Matcha Organic Japanese Ceremonial

Both of these brands are smooth and creamy and blend well for hot tea and the lattes or cold brew by placing a rounded teaspoon [ maybe less for a beginner] into 12 oz of filtered water shake and store in the fridge. Refreshing and rejuvenating!

Stay tuned for the relaxing routine of matcha tea preparation!

Tea began as medicine and grew into a beverage. ~ Okakura kakuzo

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