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What’s In Your Allergy/Asthma Rescue Kit?

~Chance favors the prepared mind. ~ Louis Pasteur

Do you have an allergy/asthma rescue Kit? If not, you should. It’s a part of smart allergic and asthmatic living.✔️. Being prepared for any type of attack while away from home around town or traveling can make the difference between overcoming a setback to having an all out miserable day.🤧

So, here’s the lowdown on the supplies best to keep on hand for our own safety:

Decongestants help to shrink nasal tissues which swell in all allergic reaction. Before taking even over the counter decongestants, talk to your doctor because health issues like high blood pressure, thyroid disease and glaucoma may be effected by these meds.✔️

[ The ladies discuss their preferred allergy treatments. Looks like a variety of meds from Tear drops for dry allergy eyes, to Pataday ~ now OTC for more severe allergy eye irritations, and Vi's going with Rhinochort OTC for her never ending nasal stuffiness! ]

Nasal Sprays that are steroid fueled are the first line choice for treating allergies. However, these may not be for long term use because they can turn and worsen symptoms, That’s why it’s so important to talk to your doctor before starting any allergy meds.

[ Veronica's back for a redemonstration with her favorite Arm & hammer Simply Saline Nasal Spray. Easy to apply and soothes while moisturized nasal passages. ]

Nasal Saline sprays help to keep the inside of the nose moisturized. Allergies and the meds use to treat them often cause dryness in the nose.

Bronchodilators are used to treat Asthma and other breathing issues. Allergies can often effect asthma - they tend to go hand in hand. 🙄 During a mild asthma attack this short acting medicine will aid in relaxing the bronchial airways and muscles around them. It’s crucial to always have your inhaler with you in cause of an asthma flare. This can save lives.

[ Who has felt like this poor guy during the peak of allergy season?! :() ]

Eye drops are handy to keep on hand, especially during high pollen and ragweed seasons. Eyes become red, irritated, itchy and runny during allergic flares, and those drops provide some much needed relief in those instances.😌

[ Poor Sneezy, her really needed some antihistamines! ]

Antihistamines are a MUST during allergy seasons! These meds help to ease symptoms like watery eyes, runny nose, & sneezing 🤧. Antihistamines do what they’re called [anti], they block the histamine made by our immune system when we’re in contact with something we’re allergic to. There are many over the counter antihistamine, and prescription one’s too. The newer allergy meds on the market cause much less drowsiness.👏🏽👏🏽

[ Clawdi's here with her epics that she carries in her allergic relief kit~ That's prepared! ]

Injectable Epinephrin, those life saving pens that get injected into the leg during an acute allergic reaction are of course, a must in any allergy kit. Epi-pens can curb dangerous reactions to meds, foods, insect stings that cause the airways to swell.

[ Comprende?! ]

Make sure you understand how to use this pen correctly, and that it’s stored at the proper temperature and not left in a scorching hot vehicle in order for them to work effectively. keep check on the expiration date as well.

[ I use a Lemon Grass cream made by an Etsy seller, and it does wonders for itchy skin. It helped soothe my skin when I had shingles a few years ago and I've used it ever since for skin itchiness and irritation.. Recently I've been using the Calendula Balm for light skin irritation and breakouts. Does wonders! ]

The Etsy Store is The Home Herbalist~ check her out, she has an incredible backstory and many soothing creams to choose from.

Skin creams like hydrocortisones are another hard worker for allergic skin issues such as reactions to your environment, bug bites, or eczema or rash flares. These creams decrease inflammation to calm down skin reactions. For eczema and other serious skin issues prescription creams may be prescribed by your doctor. Dry itchy skin can not only be irritating, but can become even more irritated if not treated immediately. Also keeping moisturizing skin creams on hand to soothe dry itchy skin.

Asthma meds that have been prescribed should be a part of your allergy/asthma rescue kit. Rescue inhalers, [if prescribed] a spacer used to get inhalation’s deeper into the lungs🫁✔️ Any other meds such as asthma oral meds and a Nebulizer 🙌🏽. If you have an asthma flare, being able to nebulize anywhere is a must! There are many portable nebulizers on the market, many that are USB connected as well as battery operated.


[ This is my portable nebulizer loaded up with supplies like neb solution, batteries, a cotton cloth and sanitizing wipes for quick clean ups! I purchased this on Amazon.]

Have your inhalation solutions, some sanitizing wipes to clean nebulizer until you can properly clean it at home, extra batteries if needed, zip lock bags for anything needed to be stored or discarded. Don't forget those tissues for many allergy uses but especially for those ever runny noses!

I like keeping some form of menthol or peppermint/eucalyptus scent on hand because it helps to open stuffy noses, and help make breathing a bit better in an asthma flare. I have a roll on essential oil vial and menthol/eucalyptus nasal inhalers with me at all times! :()

Above, these products are fantastic tools for allergy and asthma help! The nasal inhaler - in yellow- comes apart. The top half is for inhaling through the nose, and the bottom half screws loose with essential oils like eucalyptus, and menthol to apply under nose or even across the forehead for allergy or sinus headaches.

The Headache relief roll on is filled with essential oils like peppermint, sage and ginger. Apply roll on behind ears, onto ear lobes and across forehead for headache relief. I use this most times instead of NSAIDS like motrin and it works to provide natural relief.

[ As you can see we like our cough drops here! :() Dry mouth lozenges too for those ever dry allergy prone throats!! ]

Cough drops can aid in soothing sore throats from allergy drainage and help open nasal passages, as well as lubricate dry raspy throats from inhaler use. Brands I rely on are:

** Ricola Honey-Herb ~Soothing for those raspy throats :)

** Ricola Cool Relief Lemon Frost ~ These babies are fab for stuffed allergic noses. They are oral anesthetic drops.

** Ricola Dual Action Drops in Swiss Cherry ~ I love the gooey center :() and I can always count on Ricola for dry sore allergy throat relief. I also like the real ingredients used in these drops, including herbs and Natural colors!

** Last but not least, Halls ~ These are a lifelong winner in my book. I favor Ricola for their pure ingredients, but when I run out or am in a pinch, Halls Soothe, in Honey Vanilla or traditional Menthol get the nose soothing job done!

** Biotene Dry Mouth Lozenges ~ super for moisturizing mouth when dried out form allergy meds! :()

Cough Drop Tip: Try dropping a lozenge into hot water or into your hot tea for a throat soothing experience!

I think we all know by now to always keep water near by for hydration that's much needed because of drying allergy and asthma meds. Water also lubricates the lining of our throat, and keeps the mucus thinned out for easier passage out!

I hope these tips help you build a super pack for your health safety and asthma and allergy management!

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