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Signs Your Allergies Aren't Well Controlled.

Are you or your family members doing the allergic 'swipe'? What's this? it's when you're constantly swiping at the top or tip of an annoyingly runny or itchy nose! :() If you find that this habit has become well, habitual, then perhaps it's time to reconfigure your allergy meds with your doctor, and make a few home lifestyle adjustments too.

A change of switching from an old vacuum to one with a HEPA filter, remembering to keep windows closed, [ this is a hard one, especially in the warmer months! ], remembering to remove shoes when entering the house [ something else we slip

up with! :/ ]. For other allergic lifestyle management tips, see our section labeled: Asthma Health & Care! :()

Do you have Allergic Shiners?? Ugh! one of the banes of my existence!! Dark circles - one of the signs of allergies, caused by nasal congestion, sinus infection, colds, nasal polyps, or sleep apnea. [Some dark circles are hereditary ]

Taking antihistamines can help with watery, itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing. But if you're still having these symptoms and those annoying shiners, talk to your health care provider about switching up your treatment plan or addressing another plan for infections, or testing for sleep apnea.

[ A happy nose is one that been treated for congestion and set free! ]

Chronic Congestion. If you're suffering from nasal congestion for longer than a couple of weeks chances are it could be allergies. Congestion may be followed by headaches and sinus pressure. It's smart to get in touch with your doctor to address the issue and get proper treatment for much needed relief.

[ Rhoda understands that being 'armed' with the proper treatments leads to relief! :() ]

Itchy Skin. Sometimes dry red itchy skin is more than common dryness. If you continue to experience redness, flakiness, and dryness or rash, it could be eczema or an allergic reaction to something. Skin reactions is very common to people with allergies. There could be common everyday triggers that are the culprit like:

Hives are an allergic reaction to a food, medication or insect sting. They look like pale to red welts that are itchy and can last for several days. Generally antihistamines can provide immediate relief, however more severe cases may require a steroid treatment prescribed by your doctor.

[ Peppermint in any form is soothing for allergies. This includes inhaling peppermint and eucalyptus oils in warmed water to open nasal passages, adding mint essential oils to showers for a nose opening steam, and hot cups of mint tea!]

Chronic insomnia resulting from out of control allergy symptoms that range from itchy eyes and skin, post nasal drip, stuffy nose and sinus pain can make it difficult to sleep. Coughing or wheezing from asthma flares can also make for restless nights, and even some allergy meds can prevent a night's sleep. It you're experiencing any of these conditions, it's time to talk to your doctor about making some changes to your current treatments.

Fatigue is another symptom out of control allergies can cause. Allergies cause your immune system to work harder which can wear you out, not to mention that some meds for allergies can make you drowsy. If fatigue is impeding your daily living routine, get in touch with your allergist or doc so that you can get on newer meds that don't cause fatigue, and to get your allergies back in control.

Trouble concentrating. Concentration can be an issue when your nose is constantly running, eyes are itching, and or teary, and you're foggy from taking over the counter antihistamines, or you can't breathe from asthma flares. Allergies can make you like you're walking around in a daze. If this is you, your allergies aren't being well controlled, you know the drill! Get in to see your doc to get those allergies and asthma handled! :()

[ We know that uncontrolled allergies can make us feel like this little guy above! ]

Out of control allergies, can bring our lives to unexpected halts. But we don't have to live in misery; working closely with our allergist/doctor can work to bring about significant improvements for our allergic lives!

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