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Oxygenate Your Blood Naturally

[ Get out when you can; and when it's safe for those with breathing conditions. We can't all visit Stonehenge like these ladies these days, but grabbing some fresh air wherever you are helps us to decompress, destress and take bigger breaths, maybe bigger smiles too. ]

Normally healthy blood levels provide the oxygen we need for normal functioning, however, for those with any lung disease, oxygen levels may not always be up to par.

These tips can aid in increasing much needed oxygen into the blood if you're having trouble breathing and are living with lower oxygen levels.

Monitoring Air Quality: We can't change the quality of outdoor air we breathe, but we can track the air pollution, and weather levels with phone apps and your local weather channels. Tracking outdoor air levels can help you better plan your day to day activities, with knowledge of what times of the day or evenings are better for you and your lungs:)

Improve indoor air quality: Investing in an air filtration system. Home air purifiers clean the air of allergens like dust, pet dander, pollens and smoke to create a cleaner breathing environment. Air purifiers are available in:

Whole home cleaners - portable cleaners - and commercial grade

There are air purifiers for various budgets and needs. We have and are very happy with our purifier from You can also purchase purifiers from stores like Costco and even Target, to fit your life and budget. If you're looking to find a purifier recommended best for those with asthma check here: for asthma certified air purifiers.

Indoor plants are not only beautiful but they serve to purify our air. Plants increase indoor oxygen naturally! I love plants but have yet found a cure for my 'thumb of death' when attempting to grow and keep plants healthy and thriving! :()

Some air purifying plants are:

Ferns - Peace Lily - Spider Plants - Snake Plant - English Ivy - Aloe Vera Plant - Rubber Tree Plant - Ficus - Painters-palette - Gerbera Daisy

I haven't given up yet, although my last foray into plant care ended sadly with my little succulents getting some sort of disease :/ I'm going to go for a nice hearty rubber tree plant and maybe a snake plant. Wish me plant care luck! Get to planting for better breathing!

Exercise: If you're unsure if you should be exercising or not please check with your doctor about the types and amount of exercise is safe for you. Exercise increases your breathing rate that results in the lungs absorbing more oxygen. Working out, even something as simple as walking reduces stress and clears out our headspace so that our muscles aren't as tight and our body is able to function better.

[ Deep breathing and mindfulness can result in a calmer state of mind for better blood pressure and focus throughout our days. ]

Deep breathing and the practice of being mindful for a few minutes each day (5-10 min) can make a real difference. Particularly breath work that focuses on deep breathing, which improves oxygen levels and reduces stress. Check our videos or apps for diaphragm breathing, belly breathing, Buteyko breathing and even deep stretching exercises can help us to expand our lungs to strengthen them and oxygenate our bodies.

[ I love making soups because not only are they so much more tasty than canned but i can get in a lot of nutrient dense foods in one meal. A great bang for your buck! ]

Iron Rich Foods: help to oxygenate the body by raising oxygen levels in the blood. Whole foods like meat and poultry, fish and legumes and leafy greens are all iron rich foods that can be incorporated and eaten with each meal. Getting in the right amounts of iron rich foods can correct an iron deficiency, that helps the body to process oxygen and helping us to feel more energized.

Some specific iron rich foods are:

Shellfish especially clams, oysters and mussels.

Spinach - eating spinach and other leafy greens with healthy fats like olive oil helps the body to absorb the carotenoids.

Liver and other organ meats

Legumes- these are a good source of iron for those who are plant based too.

Red meat

Pumpkin seeds, they're also one of the highest sources of magnesium which is good for depression

Quinoa also a gluten free grain




Fish such as tuna, sardines, mackerel, and haddock

Last but definitely not least Dark Chocolate!

Getting in many of these foods can not only boost our overall health but help oxygenate our cells!

Let's get breathing better together with LivingThruGrace!


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