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Lets Get Nebulizer Smart!

[ Vanessa’s chill with her asthma supplies, she’s confident knowing she’s up to speed with what she needs for when she needs it! ]

Nebulizers are to asthmatics as apples are to apple pie! I mean, sure you don't have to have apples for apple pie, but then your taste buds will let you know how unhappy they are with you :() The same with nebulizers, our lungs will let us know if we don't utilize those nebulizers when needed, our lungs and airways won't be happy either! :)

[ Ariah shows some of our supplies for monitoring our asthma and oxygen at home✔️ Your doctor can get peak flow meters into your hands. Ask if a prescription is required. My allergist had this cool purple one in the office and gave it to me💃🏽 ] The pulse oximeter was purchased at our local pharmacy . ]

First and foremost keep supplies of your medicine on hand. At least one box of rescue medicine stored in a cool dry place in the home is what's recommended. There's nothing worse than having an episode and realizing you need a refill of your neb solution!

Spare nebulizer tubing, and yes a spare nebulizer is smart and can be life saving for an asthmatic. Check with your insurance company and even your doctor who may be able to offer some savings on purchasing an extra nebulizer. I've lately been dealing with ups and downs with my asthma and I've had my nebulizer for just under 5 years which is the insurance time marker for partial covering my purchase. My nebulizer was sounding funny :O so I bit the bullet and bought one from my pharmacy because it was worth my peace of mind to have a fully working one rather than waiting and feeling unsure.

[ This is inside my asthma kit tote, it holds everything I need for those asthma emergencies ]

Tubing is important to have in extras also. It can be purchased at pharmacies, also try asking your doctor who may have extras in the office, usually they are willing to give you at least one, including the neb face mask or mouth piece and little nebulizer cup. I have multiples from emergency visits, where the nurses were generous with asthma supplies! I've also been there, ready to neb and my cup began leaking medicine! Ok, I've also dropped and cracked the cup too! Asthma life...

[ The filter on our nebulizer is located on the side of the machine behind the little round grey closing, this is where it gets changed when needed. ]

Your pharmacy also should have extra filters [ Air Compressor Filter ] for your nebulizer, which should be changed twice yearly, or just follow the instructions for your particular nebulizer for when and how to change filters. It's important to keep track, perhaps adding when to change on your calendar or phone, so you remember. If you neglect this your nebulizer can get a clogged air filter and not get enough air into the compressor.

[ Poor Peppa Pig! Can't locate that asthma gear...oh dear, hopefully Peppa will read this post and learn to be asthma smart! ]

[ This is a crafters tote I bought from Amazon, but it’s perfect for housing all my asthma equipment 👏🏽👏🏽 ]

Ok, this may seem obvious, but know where your nebulizer is! The last thing you need is to have to seek and find while in an asthma flare. If there are multiple people in your home with asthma and nebulizers make sure everyone knows where their nebulizer is. It's good to have one or two areas where your always keep it and that it's easy for the kids to get to for themselves as well.

Now that we've got our neb game together, let's spread the good word for smart tips and better asthma care!


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