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It's the Small Things...

I always say that we as all people are more alike than we're different. ☺️ I especially like to keep that in mind in our current climate - though so few observe it...

One simple custom that's woven throughout most cultures is a 🍵 tea time, a break in the day to empty the mind and fill the heart -and belly :() with tea. If tea isn't your vibe

( though there are so many types and kinds of teas, I'm willing to bet there's a tea for anyone.) drink whatever you please, it's about taking the time to slow down and be present...✨✨

An avid tea (and coffee, we don't need to choose!) drinker myself, I can't remember a time in my life before tea. It's golden warm elixir has served as a source of comfort, and an aid in relaxing my asthmatic airways throughout my childhood. Caffeine may have a positive effect on improving airway function, acting as a mild bronchodilator. ( This is in NO way a replacement for any asthma treatment meds ) This always comforted me and helped to calm the asthma panic I'd get as a teen. It's why I associate tea as a lifelong friend. :)💞

However, this post isn't about the chemical components or effects of tea, it's about making the time to bring our senses to one place with the vehicle of tea time. ☕️While a lot of tea is drank in our house I'd moved away from a 'formal tea time' that used to be. I'm finding my way back to this time honored tradition, because it serves to feed my spirit, slow my ever-running mind, and push away the things of our current times, (even of for 20 minutes if it all the time available).

[ Can we just take a minute to observe and drool over the Fig Spread! 🤤]

Taking time to set up a space with real cloth table covering, and real napkins full of color or some soothing muted neutral shades, favorite tea wear including of course, tea pots!

Now I don't always include food with every tea event, many times there's just me and the tea- sublime in simplicity. :)

Taking in tea allows me to unfocus and focus - on the varieties of tea, the stories behind a tea and the mindfulness of the tea preparation; heating the water, smelling the tea

( loose leaf or bagged), watching the water change colors as the tea steeps. Simple decisions such as what sweetener to use, if any, matching cups, mugs and saucers or decidedly mismatched, my favorite by far!

[ Our blueberry lemon scones have joined us for just about every tea time this week! Just so good! 😋😋]

😌Unfocused...but into the tea I fall, the warmth, the feel of the cups or mugs ( I prefer mugs most times :() ), the subtle scents, I may put on the oil diffuser with an mixture of mint, basil and citrus... Tastes - some teas I just want to guzzle, like my favorite rooibos because I love it so much! But I don't, I sip and breathe, and sip again.

[ one of my favorite escape magazines with focus on simple and sublime..]

Often times I keep a notepad by and my favorite pens 📒🖊- usually something Pentel :) and write my thoughts, write questions to the Lord, or any thoughts on tea or whatever. Sometimes I doodle a bit ( this is usually during a longer tea time half hour or more ). However, even when time's amiss, I take 15 min or so to relax into my tea. I still take the time to set up a pretty tea table for one (unless more are joining), and allow myself to gleefully, gratefully zone out of this world...

[ Can there be a better view for tea than endless pots and cups of tea? ]

Tea, my long time companion, my confidante, my extended breath 🌱💫that I'm so grateful for, that I look forward to , that I cannot imagine being without. Tea is a blessing, tea is a teacher so full of wisdom, tea is emotional and emotionless - depending on the day.

[ Oh no, looks like Pooh's tea set up went awry! ]

A proper Tea is much nicer than a Very Nearly Tea, which is one you forget about afterwards. ~ A.A. Milne

What do I like to serve for Tea? Depends, I've learned to make gluten free scones 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 from scratch and they are delicious! These are non gluten free husband approved and will be a staple throughout the year! I love finger sammies, but not gluten free bread so much, so I'm going to foray into making my own fresh, in the next month or so. I have to watch my sugar carb count so it's a balance game🙄 ; if I indulge in a scone I bypass the other 'carby' eats like tarts, cookies and such.

I'll also be making mini scones next time for better portion control. Believe me If I didn't have to I'd chomp down on all the tea goodies :() but my blood sugar denies me this advantage LOL! 🍇 Fresh fruit is sometimes all that's desired, with a bit of dark chocolate to top it off! The possibilities are endless with our old friend tea. Gluten free doesn't have to exclude one from a mouthwatering tea time event!

[ here's the site where I found the recipe: ]

I look forward to tea time every day with glee and gratitude - in the deciding what to use, what to drink, and or eat. I fall so easily into this active meditation of the soul... Tea a small thing that gives back big!

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