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`Hospital Bug Out Bags~ Yep They’re A Thing!

A hospital emergency is no laughing matter and with the added stress of such situation it would be smart to be prepared for these events. Living with medical conditions as my husband and myself do, we’ve learned a while ago to be prepped before hand. I remember times not long ago where every summer in July my Asthma would flare to the point of an emergency room visits🥴. The same for my hubs who suffers with Kidney Stones.

Not to mention if you’re given an unplanned admitting for a hospital stay for an undetermined amount of time having a few things you’re comfortable with from home are a blessing.

Toiletries, you’re usuals ( in lieu of hospital sundries 😉) help to keep skin and hair properly moisturized, and if allowed softened feet and toes are a small thing that just help when you’re already feeling bad…

Furthermore, (if you’re able), a few changes of undies, for people sans hair your favorite comfy caps and slippers, because walking around on hospital floors😵‍💫.

[ Oh yes, that’s a roll of toilet paper you see squished in the back! Anyone who’s had to use hospital toilet paper will understand…]

Always find out form the hospital staff if some toiletries are safe for you during your stay; things like deodorant, any moisturizers, lip balms etc… we don’t want to interfere with any medical treatments being given.😉

Yes, those are Safe Snacks! As one with food allergies, hospital stays and food never mixed, and my hubby would bring me food that I could safely consume without causing any more health problems.😁. I still always had to check with the nurses, and staff depending on my stay wether or not I could consume these foods, and lozenges…

Having elective surgery? These bug out bags are handy too! Some of the comforts of home while you’re not so comfortable.

{Here’s a peek at my hubby’s bug out bag above, and mine below with deodorant, and for us both, yes Lysol wipes because…hospitals…}

[Snacks to each our liking of course allergen safe for moi!😜 Again if you’re allowed to eat]

Lastly, as you begin to feel a bit better, or are healing on an extended stay you’re going to want some entertainment. Staring at the hospital tv with limited cable doesn’t cut it for me. So bring what you like. For me it’s my e-reader so I can have as many books as I like 📚, mini tablet and puzzle books, pens 🖊 and chargers. If you’re packing for kids set aside a few items that they enjoy like portable video games, books i pods etc…

[ Bug Out preps helps keep us a little less stressed. ]

Bug out bags for hospital stays, are a lifesaver and bring some much needed familiarity and comfort to an event and place that really isn’t. Of course all hospital staff are greatly appreciated for all the dedicated work they do☺️

Last tip that tremendously helpful for both you and the hospital staff is to have on your phone a complete list of all your meds including any supplements and otc (over the counter) drugs. List any known allergens to meds and your reactions and pharmacy phone number and a list of phone numbers for your treating physicians. I can attest to how happy the hospital staff is to have everything at a glance.

This info is to help keep us from having to scramble during stressful hospital emergencies or longer stays. Be blessed 😌


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