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Herbs For Respiratory Health

I'm sure those of us with asthma can appreciate ANY extra help that we can give our tired lil' lungs! Help's on the way with simple herbs to steep for tea. Herbs have been used throughout time and still in aryuveda and other holistic medical practices. So let's get into a few herbs for better breathing!

[ It looks like Vi is bring a whole new vibe to relaxing herbs for tea! ]

Ok, let's begin with Lemon Balm [ fun fact: it's also called Melissa! ]. I'm personally familiar with the soothing and healing properties of this little herb, because a few years back when I had Shingles, nothing topical soothed the burning - itching I had; and when I say burning I mean it was like I was roasting over an open flame! Ugh!

Anyway, I was prescribed one medicine for the pain but the side effects were as bad as having shingles. I tried oatmeal creams and the lot. I was eventually given Lidocaine -which helped - but nothing soothed and calmed me like applying a lemon balm salve. I still use it to this day as I have some nerve damage from the dreaded event and I wouldn't want to be without this lemon balm.

[ Violet chills with two of her favorite herbs for soothing life with Asthma. ]

Lemon Balm has stress relieving properties ( Who doesn't need that?! ) and helps to relax the respiratory system in a gentle way. It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties which helps us fight off offending viruses that can aggravate asthma.

Lemon Balm is a natural antidepressant, uplifting the spirit while calming the nervous system, without any drowsiness. This makes this herb fantastic for asthmatics because there's so much stress around managing and living with asthma.

In fact Lemon Balm tea is a good reset for all of us living in these uncertain times!

Peppermint an herb we're all familiar with is the next herb on our list. Peppermint leaves contain Rasmarinic acid a property effective against respiratory issues. Peppermint's capacity to help in dissolving mucus is a huge boon for asthma issues. Menthol in peppermint also helps to soothe respiratory tract irritation. It's a win win for this herb!

[ This news is worth jumping for joy! His asthmatic lungs are 'relieved'! ]

Next super star on the list is Mullein Leaf. This herb aids in opening the lungs, eases spasms, tightness, as well as cough. It also soothes dryness and irritation - particularly helpful if your'e in arid dry hot or cold weather.

Red Raspberry Leaf is another addition we can add to our asthma arsenal. This leaf from the raspberry plant is an immune system booster because of the high load of vitamin C and it's an inflammation fighter { Yay! For our lungs } due to its antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. It's also full of potassium, a mineral that those with asthma can be lacking in. Potassium helps with reducing blood pressure heart disease and other heart problems, and since asthma and the meds for it can be taxing on the heart, it's a smart move to add this herb into our respiratory mix!

My favorite, while not an herb, a spice, Anise Seed as pictured above with Violet who loves inhaling those anise-y aromas! This spice is used as an anti- spasmodic, is rich in antioxidants to combat disease and the risk of lowered immune function. Anise also contains anti-fungal properties that help to fight off flu and colds, all of which can trigger asthma. Anise as a tea is also great for sore throats, and digestive upsets as well!

Working with healing herbs and spices is fun and fundamental for our well being. Getting back to working with my hands with components of nature is soul health, it keeps me connected to God in creative ways. It's my greatest goal for this year and going forward to become more a part of the bounty our Lord has blessed us with. Stay tuned for more fun and healing, stress reducing projects in the near future with LivingThruGrace and the Crew!


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