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Good Nasal Care Means Better Asthma ControL

When it comes to asthma there’s never too much good advise to help us maintain better breathing control!☺️ These simple tips on nasal care can make a difference in how we process air into our airways, so let’s get into it!😊

Our nose is our filtering system. Our nose is lined with a layer of mucus which traps dust, pollutants and bacteria.👍🏽 Cilia are tiny hairs that swap the mucus down our throats, where it’s transported via swallowing into our stomach and made harmless by our stomach acid.👍🏽 It’s all balanced just right so our filtering process operate successfully. However, allergic reactions, and infections disrupt our peaceful body balance 🤧 by signaling our immune system to bring in extra blood cells into the lining of our nasal passages, causing our nose to make extra mucus overwhelming our filtering system’s ability to keep things clean; which leaves them and us congested and inflamed.🥴

[ Vanessa has to take precautions to keep her nasal passages clean and clear for her Asthma Health! ]

Dry air - when breathed in, cold air to boot makes it extra difficult for our filtering system to work.

A cold in the nose is a viral infection right in the lining of the nasal passages. If the nose is working the way it was designed to, viruses are swept out of the nasal passages in the mucus, but if it’s not; a virus makes it’s way deep into to the nasal tissue causing infections.🤒

The Asthma Effect is triggered because the nose and lungs work together, so keeping a healthy nose aids in reducing problems with asthma.👏🏽👏🏽 Let’s utilize a few simple solutions to help maintain control over our hard working nose, to lend a helping hand because we can’t always control what’s in the air we breathe or the temperature of the day.

It's not so complicated that we won't want to take these steps, it just takes consistent actions and the knowledge that we're doing all we can for better asthma control, and isn't that the ultimate goal?! Let's all breathe easy with happy noses!

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