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French Macarons ~ But… Watch Out ~

I feel Violet’s vibe! She has. Some Trader Joe’s French Macarons by her side, but… they’re a NO NO‼️ Because of her G;utensil Allergy!

And so here it goes…Macarons are most often made with almond flour or paste in lieu of wheat flour [ But Not Always ].

Almond based treats may not be gluten free ~ Many store bought or bakery bought macarons [ and other treats 🙄 ] can contain Glucose Syrup as these Trader Joe’s Macarons do.🥴.

Glucose Syrup is a derivative of Wheat😵‍💫 Yep before we know it, we’re back in our limited allergic world again! 🤣

This is another reminder to Always READ those ingredient lists before buying or consuming. If you’re unsure then put it back for the sake of your allergic health🫢

Remember, Food Allergy Smart is Food Allergy Safe!!!

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