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Food Allergy Eats

Food Allergies! When you can find products you actually enjoy and rely on, it’s a boon!☺️ King Arthur has been a treat for baking muffins and cupcakes. I use the same mix as its unflavored so can be made into what you choose.

( Here we made these into muffins, lemon 🍋 vanilla muffins😋 )

I prepare most of meals at home, it’s just easier🙄☺️ so I’m just showing some of my weekly foods on rotation. I’ve learned through many, many food fails😝 to keep thing simple and they must be tasty, no just putting up with bad textures and flavors!

[ Tea time treats real foods real simple! ]

Above is a peek in a couple of days of allergy free food’s

* Gluten Free toast ( Canyon Bakehouse Heritage Whole Grain - it’s the one that tastes most like ‘ natural’ bread to me☺️)

* Eggless scramble with Just Egg pourable substitute, sliced radish and arugula

* ( To right ) Chickpea Tuna Sammie with melted dairy free cheese

I keep most of my diet whole unprocessed foods and about 20 percent other.

* ( Below Left ) Yukon gold potato roast😋 with sautéed zucchini and roasted red peppers in olive oil - Good Fats☝🏽

* Energy Balls: I can’t have oats 🙄 so I used sprouted brown rice cereal with sunflower butter, shredded coconut, chocolate chips and a touch of maple syrup for a super snack that’s easy to take on the go or enjoy with tea.

At last, a dairy free cheese I like 👍🏽 I’ve been struggling with cheese because so many of them have Yeast Extract - another way of saying MSG🤐. Follow You Heart brand is free of these ingredients and melts like actual cheese! Grilled cheese…I’ve missed ya!

[ Hot and that gooey deliciousness expected with grilled cheese!😋 The tarragon bread topper made this Sammie next level! ]

[ Is anything better than flapjacks? 🥞 King Arthur wins again - not sponsored -😋😋 ]

I keep winning with King Arthur baking mixes! My flappers came out light and fluffy and delicious - I added in vanilla extract because~ vanilla😍 and real maple syrup, a treat fit for well, me!😂. I’m grateful to discover King Arthur brand and highly recommend it for those who are gluten free.☺️

Gluten Free tostadas with grilled chicken, roast chickpeas, peppers and avocado.

Below are the ‘tostada’ wraps really just these gluten free wraps that are always a win because they’re soft and pliable.☺️

A tasty plant based meal of steamed collard greens, jasmine rice, butternut squash, and broccoli. I topped it off with some plant butter skillet toasted pumpkin seeds😛

Filling and fiber rich, this is one of my go to meals. I simply switch up the veggies.

It’s stress free preparing meals at home, knowing each ingredient is safe…

So I wanted to show eating with multiple food issues 🙄🥴 is possible. Have I made mistakes and misread labels? Yep, but sticking to whole food makes it easier.

I’m now able to use better tasting gluten free ingredients to bake with and that makes things much better. It definitely keeps me from rebelling ( come on💁🏽‍♀️ Who’s done this? ); and I don’t feel deprived all the time. It’s not talked about much but those feelings of frustration, even anger because food shouldn’t be an enemy…😔

Eating with multiple or any food allergies is challenging, never ending and a lifestyle that we must adapt to us, without expectations from restaurants catering to our needs, because many times gluten free options are salad and fruit or some form of meat if it’s not drenched in sauce or seasonings!😝

Let’s keep supporting ourselves through reading labels, getting educated on what’s in our food and if necessary, bringing our own food along. (Everywhere) If a restaurant has issues with you bringing in safe food, and doesn’t offer anything that suits you, then it’s not the place you should be spending your money.📌

Allergy Smart is Allergy Safe!!


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