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Doodle For Your Noodle & Health!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

[ We love art supplies here at LivingThruGrace, but doodling is cheap, and easy to start! ]

We've all done it at one time or another, doodling. Remember drifting away during algebra class into your own world of kooky lines and silly shapes and words?? I know I'm not alone in this!! Creating something that fun on the eyes and simple to complete in a few minutes or so ( or however long ya want! ) is satisfying and fosters a sense of appreciation and momentary mindfulness, [ De Stressing folks! ] a much needed break from our weary worlds.

Doodling makes everyone an artist, because there are no rules or boundaries, no detailed pre planning or preparing. The only requirement is your imagination and writing utensils and paper ( or tablet ).

Doodling is a journey that takes you where your need to go. It's a wild ride where you can sit back and observe and participate simultaneously.

[ Mai'bi loves any excuse to have a beautiful notebook so she doodles away in floral joy! ]

Doodling is just for kids; absolutely not! Creativity is built into us by our Creator! Look at God's 'doodles' His canvas painted with glorious mountains, seas, streaming oceans, flora and fauna and more. God is creativity in motion and so are we.

[ You can get lovely floral notebooks from one of our favorite companies

Rifle Paper Co If you love color and floral patterns, check them out! ~They have fabric and shoes too! :() ]

You don't have to be able to draw ( but, who decides who can draw? ) to doodle. Just pick up a writing utensil and let your mind take you where it takes you. The world tells us art should be above reproach, or validated by those who deem 'something artistic, but those are standards put on by - others - and their opinions, nothing more. So many kids who used to draw/doodle were told by a teacher or someone that what they made wasn't really art, wasn't the way it was 'supposed' to be? Their young creative desires killed, just like that.

[ This guy's got the right idea! ]

When it comes to art of any kind, Do you! Release any judgements of the self, of what's supposed to be, of comparisons to others and just let go.

Doodling can aid your mind in bringing about a calmer state to help relieve anxiety, blast away nervous energy. It gives the brain something to focus, or unfocus on, since we can doodle instinctively. Doodling or something creative of any kind ( this includes time with caring for plants! ) creates much needed time away from technology!

You can create a double or triple stress busting threat by grabbing a journal, or simple paper colored pens, or whatever's lying around the house, office, turn on an oil diffuser, and put on music that relaxes or uplifts you and go to town. This kind of uplifting won't put pounds on our bodies, :() although, a couple chocolate chip cookies added to the mix isn't the worse idea!! The point is to create an environment, even if for only a few minutes to let your brain gel out and go with the flow of your fingers and pen.

[ Violet doodles to help with scripture retention! ]

According to Psychology Today doodling is helpful with memory retention, and let's face it, we're all more forgetful in these trying times! Doodling can also help with problem solving. Many people doodle before meetings, and other work projects to loosen the mind, like warming up the muscles before a workout. Doodling isn't exactly mindlessness, but more mindful ~ a focused relaxation ~ an easy concentration on creativity. How awesome is that?

If you want to go a bit further with doodling you may be interested in Zentangle doodling; it's just a way to get mindful, practice focused meditation by drawing by using shapes, lines, marks in repetition. Don't fret, its so easy its funny :() For more info in Zentangle doodling check out this link

So stop reading this blog post and get to doodling!


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