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A Few Real - Real Facts About Asthma.

We at LivingThruGrace want to shed light and facts about living with and coping with asthma. Bringing the dire realities to light brings awareness and educates those who are caring for someone with this disease.

Asthma is often silent and non visible. Someone experiencing an asthma attack can have symptoms like tightness in the chest, constant yawning, and shortness of attention span, or focus, or breath. All or any of these symptoms may require immediate medication and medical treatment from a hospital or urgent care visit.

Though asthma can be 'invisible' it is all too real and serious, but others around the asthma patient may be totally unaware of it's seriousness because it often lacks outward physical symptoms; though not always. Often times someone in an asthma attack will look frightened, disoriented, alarmed, look like they can't breathe with audible wheezing and or coughing sounds.

[ Yeah, we see you Asthma... But many times we don't...]

Asthma is always lurking for those who have it and it can effect everywhere your go, work and live. While non asthmatic people may not be affected by someone's perfume, or a strong scent of bleach from cleaning, someone smoking, or just some unknown new environmental or indoor scent - the asthma person can be, and it feels debilitating and often frightening...

Asthma is unpredictable. Though it helps and is necessary to work closely with a doctor, and allergist to manage asthma, it can still be unpredictable and one may NOT know when it will hit. Let me tell you this is a horrible feeling that can bring on feelings of what I call asthma anxiety... One can be fine one moment, or day after day and without warning begin wheezing, or experiencing the 'custom'( to you) asthma symptoms that occur during an attack.,,

[ Asthma can feel like a heavy weight but not just on your back; your chest, neck the whole body... and the spirit...]

Asthma is absolutely physically exhausting and emotionally-mentally draining. One of the biggest emotions I experience as an asthmatic is guilt. Guilt over feeling like my asthma burdens family members, even doctors when multiple visits are needed to get to the bottom of a hard to manage flare. [ This may sound weird but that guilt is heavy, because we carry the responsibility of our illness and it's hard to off shoot that...] Feeling like you've iron weights attached to your body from the strain of breathing and even just moving... There are some days where just breathing is your biggest accomplishment.

Unfortunately asthma can feed off of our emotions, triggers can be allergen and environmental but they can also be sadness, anxiety, depression and particularly stress triggered...

Asthma is sometimes isolating, for being unable to participate in activities that family and friends, even co workers can. Yeah, family picnics, or park dates with the hubby are persona-non-grata often...and it sucks to put it bluntly. Having to ask loved ones to put down the windows in a vehicle or at home even though the day is beautiful and looks safe - for asthmatics it may not be...

[ Yeah, sometimes this seem like the best bet traveling these days! ]

Traveling with asthma can be an ordeal, not knowing if you will mysteriously flare. It's why it's so important to go prepped with all asthma medicine, inhalers, and nebulizers - portable nebulizers are best for travel as they can be charged via USB.

[ This little face says it all for life with asthma! :() ]

Don't even get me started on asthma and animal travel companions these days! Cats, birds even dogs can spelll disaster for the asthma patient! A stuffy airplane where the circulation system isn't working properly and being stuck on the tarmac - asthmatic panic button! Hoping that you'll be stable and not have a 'drive by flare'( a sudden attack) while vacationing and ruining the trip; yeah, those are common thoughts for those with asthma...

[ For those of us whom grass is a big trigger-this is a living nightmare! ;/ ]

For me I have to make sure I'm prepared with a mask in my bag at all times for those times when someone's cutting grass ( a Major asthma trigger for me ) in the neighborhood or for a storefront or some other business, or..just walking or driving. I've coined this a 'drive-by-grassing! But it's maddening because it's not easy avoiding grass when you live in Michigan! :()

Asthma is NOT always easily controlled, that's a misconception. Many of us stumble and struggle [ and that's with doctor care but thank God for them right?! ] for years to clearly recognize triggers, get the right 'recipe' of meds and altered lifestyle factors.

Asthma is costly, with so many without insurance or asthma meds being only partially covered [ I know someone who has to shell out 400$ monthly fo this inhalers ], not to mention emergency hospital visits or stays and - time off work. [ Yeah, thanks Asthma..] Asthma is so much more than simply taking an inhaler and being good to go... Asthma is serious and it kills...

[ Having emotional support is so important when living with any disease, that connection, to just vent, cry or talk things through can make all the difference.. Ariah also lives with asthma and that's a big boon for Vanessa because Ariah can relate an emphasize so well. ]

This is why one of my passions here at LivingThruGrace is to help others with, and those who care for people with asthma learn to navigate through the maze like paths of asthma management. We are warriors, Asthma Warriors, though many times we don't feel like we deserve the title; fighting through this disease earns that title - that includes the support team made up of possibly family, friends, teachers, neighbors, and of course medical staff who work tirelessly to care and treat those of us with asthma and other forms lung disease.

[ Vanessa pictured here with what can be an asthma patient's best but - our inhalers! ]

[ Personal comforts can aid in helping to relax the mind which helps to relax the tension in the body. Ness' sits with some of her faves - She's a gal after my own

heart! ]

I would like to thank all of you who visit and who have joined our LivingThruGrace family to walk this healing walk together. You are greatly appreciated. Together we will build on our knowledge, gain strategies and lifestyle alterations to live our best healthful lives, and last but most assuredly first, the strength we get form our Almighty Lord Christ [ He has been my ultimate crutch, who listens to me whine and cry over my weary lungs, he is my calmer and my reminder that we were not put here for our 'comfort'.] He caries us through our health and life struggles for the entirety of our lives and beyond! God's prescription never expires! Can I get an Amen!!!

[ Roxanne is right, we won't take the stance that we are powerless, though many, many times we do feel so... Warriors keep fighting the good fight, they push forward in consistent defeat of the target enemy - Asthma - We can do this! ]

Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace in difficulties.

~C.S, Lewis

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

~Isaiah 41:10

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