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Asthma Causes & Triggers Aren't the Same - Find Out the Difference

These two words are sometimes used interchangeably, however they are two different Categories of the asthma disease. Causes are makes asthma Develop. Below is a chart of major causes of asthma:


Genetics: Having a parent or grandparent with asthma increases your likelihood of having it too.

Smoking: increases risks of asthma, this includes VAPING [ See our blog post: The Dangers of Teens with Asthma and Vaping ] Women who smoke during pregnancy increase the risk of a child with asthma and Secondhand Smoke makes asthma risks higher.

Weight: Extra weight can increases the risk of asthma, and makes ongoing asthma worse

Respiratory Infections: infant and childhood respiratory infections could lead to the development of asthma.


Allergens: are things like dust mites, animal dander, pollen and mold

Smoke: can include cigarette, or smoke from burning leaves, wood or grass; as well as pollution like smog, fumes and other strong

Stress: Feeling anxious, very emotional, stressed, angry can make asthma symptoms worse.

Exercise: Experiencing symptoms during or after exercise is referred to as Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction [EIB]

Infections: Viral infections, including common colds, and bacterial infections

Weather: Dry humid or cold air as well as changes in weather are common triggers

Medicine: meds like NSAIDS [ non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs ] an aspirin can often be triggers.

Acid Reflux: can be brought on by foods, drinks like alcohol and carbonated, and even some meds. It's important to get and keep reflux under control.

Other Factors: Hormonal changes [ like menstrual cycle for women ], when asthma flares can occur more often.

Sulfites in drinks [ like alcohol ] and foods are very common asthma triggers. That's why it is so important to read food labels when living with asthma and allergies!

Like I've said many times, we're all different so one person's asthma may not be your asthma experience so it's important to know or learn your body and it's causes and triggers, and to get treatment and make lifestyle adjustments to manage it!

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