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When Thunderstorms Trigger Asthma- The Im - 'Perfect Storm'

Thunderstorm Asthma is a widely reported phenomenon where asthma flares are brought on when it storms. Regular rainfall can sometimes be a help to many allergy suffers since the rain washes away some of the pollen in the air. However, thunderstorms can draw pollen up intp the clouds where they spill out in the high humidity that accompanies these dreaded storms.

The winds can spread the pollen everywhere in the air to be inhaled and deposited into our respiratory systems triggering asthma attacks. Think of these little pollen buds like asthmatic Kryptonite bullets and the storm is the dispenser!! :O :{}

[ Adrianne & Vanessa know what's up when staying prepped for potential asthma flares! Vanessa's mask goes with her everywhere, because she never knows when a thunderstorm or some other potential asthma flaring allergen can occur!! ]

Usually those with allergies to grasses, pollen and mold and poorly controlled asthma are at higher risk for thunderstorm asthma. Better management of our allergies and asthma is the key to being prepared for these weather incidences. Restricting outdoor time after these storms, when pollen are their highest, and covering your mouth and nose with a mask while out and about, [ both during and after a storm ], and making sure you take all prescribed asthma meds including carrying your rescue inhaler EVERYWHERE are keys to protecting our lungs and respiratory systems!

[ Who's felt like this has been their asthma journey?? I have!! LOL ]

Living with asthma is a challenge daily and can often times require a hopscotch around the many variables that affect our asthma. Staying atop of your health, doctors visits, diet and information available to you [ including our little corner of the world LivingThruGrace! ] will assist in affording us a life lived with asthma that stays managed! :)

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