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Hitting a Wall With Asthma

Anyone with Asthma knows that navigating the challenges of lung health can sometimes tricky and the solutions can at times seem allusive. This is why it's so important to have a healthcare team in place [ an Allergist , Primary Doc, and and Pulmonary Doc-if deemed necessary ].

[ Yep ER ward again, every July! It's not a good month for me! :() ]

Every summer for the last 4 years I hit a wall during the month of July. I do all of my normal daily asthma treatments, however, I end up in the emergency for an asthma flare. :/ There's definitely some sort of cycle going on, and I've been working with my docs to pinpoint why...

Each of our bodies function differently so we don't all fit into one healing modality, and that can make it difficult to treat when things get out of whack! Fortunately we're in the age where there are numerous new asthma medicines becoming available that are proving to work differently and more efficiently for better asthma control.

As of now I'm working with my allergist and insurance company [ don't get me started! :() ] to get approved for Biologics, one of the newest meds that work to control the overabundance of cells in the immune system called Eosinophils that are a marker for uncontrolled asthma. Type 2 Inflammation is one of the major sources of persistent, moderate to severe asthma.

Consistent underlying inflammation in the lungs [ with or without symptoms ] makes even more trouble living with asthma because when you breathe in allergens like pet dander, or pollen etc... the immune system aggressively reacts and causes even more inflammation, making asthma symptoms worsen and increasing attacks. Biologics [ taken by monthly injections ] work to decrease these Eosinophils that are exacerbating asthma difficulties. Biologics can also make it possible to reduce or even eliminate the use of oral steroids [as deemed by your doctor of course ]. It's looks like a win win deal...if I can get approved. I'm writing this post in in hopes that it can help some of you who are dealing with difficult to control asthma, and like me, hitting a wall.

The trouble is that I've failed the blood tests that meet the insurance companies requirements [ the amounts of eosinphils ]. My allergist went back in my chart and managed to locate a time period where I fell into the degree of acceptance, a few months ago, so we're going to work with that and pray for the best! I really hope that I can qualify because of my chronic inflammation... It's been an asthma rodeo here!

[ Ok, the addition of beetroot powder did add some nutrients, but they're still chocolate doughnuts -baked-not fried. And they were hard to resist! Oh and we frosted them too! ]

In the mean time I'm continuing with my daily regime of asthma meds, and nebulizing when needed. I'm also still dealing with an allergic chronic nasal stuffy nose which also makes getting in enough air into my bronchial airways a challenge! :^ I had a Septoplasty [ see the blog post Septoplasty - Nutritional Boosts & Healing From Surgery - under Asthma Health & Care ], in June and that was successful in straightening my deviated septum so that air can now pass through the way our noses were designed to! :() But septoplasty surgery doesn't allieviate allergy issues - unfortunately. :?

In the mean time, I'm working with my allergist and going through my diet with a fine tooth and removing some foods that draw inflammation in the body, like sugar! Yep, that's a BIG weakness of mine!! Though I stay within my food allergy safety zone, sugar is still sugar, even natural sugars like maple syrup, coconut sugar and honey. [ these are the sweeteners I use in preparation of homemade treats ]. I do use pure Monkfruit for sweetening teas, but not for baking, but I may have to start, though, there's a distinct difference to me in using any sugar subs! :O

[ Nothing's wrong with taking a little help from the market - Costo when juicing! I'll mix together the watermelon juice ( SO hydrating! ) - Very important for those lungs - with a green juice that's getting low to stretch it out sometimes! Hey, gotta do what ya have ta' sometimes!

[ Fresh greens for fresh juices and smoothies oh and salads of course! :() ]

[ Whole real nutrient dense foods like these rainbow lentils make for a hearty and tasty stew and and happy body fueled with the right ingredients - Real nutrition! -Happy Lungs!! ]

I've been juicing, I usually just whip up green smoothies [ no or low fruit ], but I love fresh live pure juices loaded with anti inflammatory foods like ginger, turmeric, greens, and green apples! I've been cutting back on gluten free breads and other allergy friendly 'processed' foods and focusing on simple foods that I prepare myself or that I know what ingredients are used.

Discipline IS hard and add in food allergy challenges can sometimes make for a [ lazy eater ] sometimes... Just being honest. :^ But getting my asthma back under control is the motivation that I need. Asthma can be pretty scary, but remaining strong in Faith, diligent in our care and lifestyle adjustments, and keeping in close contact with your healthcare providers [ Don't forget to ask questions you may have! ], are the keys we need to keep our asthma on lockdown!

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