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Septoplasty - Nutritional Boosts & Healing From Surgery

[ Vanessa and I both had our deviated septum repaired and we're on the road to recovery and better breathing!! ]

Nasal surgery or Septoplasty is a 'necessary evil' for many of us who have a deviated (crooked septum the partition that separates the two nasal chambers or nostrils) in the nose. A [ severe] deviation in this area most likely will make breathing more difficult, and this can effect other health issues one may have such as asthma and other lung diseases, or sinus infections, nose bleeding, consistent nasal congestion and snoring.

In my case my lack of proper oxygen was effecting my asthma since that's a breathing issue!! I was also experiencing a rise in my pulse due to my heart having to work harder to move what oxygen it was afforded through my body. This was NOT good, because if left untreated over time, it could've caused my heart to enlarge. I was seeing a Cardiologist and had a complete heart workup and this was the analysis. Septoplasty was my best option to move my multiple health issues into alignment for more effective healing.

[ My nose and the rest of me will be much happier and healthier as we heal! ]

The surgery itself wasn't as painful as I was anticipating :() more uncomfortable because there's a lot of packing stuffed up into the nasal cavity. :o Now, removing that packing was a bit of hell on earth! LOL But, it only last's for a few moments and a lot of the pressure feeling is alleviated once it's removed. I was tired and a bit headachy, and I feel like I am drowning in nasal irrigation which I still must do multiple times daily!!

It's important to take the time you need to heal.. Everyone is different so you have to go by how YOUR body is feeling. Healing can take up to two weeks for some to go back to daily living and work and 1-2 months in total for complete healing. I'm still feeling stuffy, with the swelling still needing to heal and the scabbing being removed every week or two. I have to say, I'm so looking forward to breathing completely freely, I can't say that I can remember when that's happened!! :()

Who needs septoplasty surgery? That's for your ENT ( Ears, Nose & Throat doc) to determine. But if you've always lived with a blocked nose, or other sinus issues it would be wise to pay a specialist a visit to determine the best avenue to get ya' breathing!!

Recovering from any surgery take work for your body so providing it with the right nutrition to fuel it along may make a difference in the speed of recovery!! Many foods help to facilitate tissue regeneration, healthy blood flow, inflammation reduction and healthy immune system function.

I speak of this super root often because it rocks!! Turmeric, it contains a powerful compound called Curcumin that's an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Curcumin is also an antibacterial and antiviral agent, that can help protect and and in healing of injured areas. Curcumin can also help to reduce pain because of the anti inflammatory property. We just can't lose with this super root!!

They go hand in hand, Ginger another powerful healing root known for its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties due to the compound called Gingerol. The powerful property of gingerol reduces oxidative stress on our tissues with injuries, helping to speed up recovery time and protecting it against inflammation. Can I just tell you how much I rely on simmered ginger root for helping control inflamed bronchial tissues due to asthma!! I can attest that its a super hero, and I've been drinking it to cut through my healing time for my lil' sore healing nose!!

Citrus fruits are another smart healing addition because of their high levels of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C ) which helps with bone healing and the production of new collagen, thus speeding the recovery of surgical wounds. Citrus power is also vital for immune function and after any surgery our immune system needs all the assistance it can gain as there is always a risk of infection. ( which is why we are our on an antibiotic immediately afterwards.)

Healthy Fats for faster healing!! Yep, get in good fats which are always delicious and a joy to eat!! Good fats are anti inflammatory and aid in the acceleration of wound healing by speeding recovery time through cell regeneration. So grab some oily fish like salmon, your favorite nuts and seeds, or nut and seed butters, coconut milk, flaked coconut and coconut oil, toss flax seeds into a smoothie if you don't feel like eating ( I did this, simple creamy smoothies filled with flax, or Chia, dark leafy greens, and nut or seed butter for easy healing nutrition on the go! )

As mentioned above, Dark Leafy Greens like collards, kale, spinach and other tasty greens not only have a high nutritional profile, they also contain high levels of vitamin C ( as mentioned above ), to keep our system on full with the right levels of nutrition that are crucial for healing from injuries. Just a few of the powerhouses include Magnesium which relaxes muscle tissue and helps with blood flow, & Iron necessary for the production of hemoglobin in the blood, iron allows the transport of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, which is important for those post surgical areas!!

Berries are 'berry' good for healing and recovery! :() Berries contain high antioxidant levels and that all important vitamin C. It's a good idea to load up in fresh and frozen berries for per and post surgery because of their high concentrations of these nutrients! If you don't feel like eating much, berries are a great source of healthy carbs necessary for energy and let's face it, we need that help when recovering from surgery or an illness!!

Getting in healthy sources of protein is important for helping to heal muscle tissue during the recovery process. So whether your consume meats like lean poultry, and beef, or fish; or plant based sources like beans and legumes, Tofu and grains, try and get in good sources of these options for their nutrients and energy production benefits!!

[ These are our Turmeric teas as of late. I found this Lovely Tea on Amazon and its delicious! The turmeric flavor pops and if you sweeten it a bit ( I use monk fruit) the pineapple really comes through. ]

Overall I have to say, that I felt the most difference consuming ginger and turmeric based foods, teas, and juices. They have made the biggest difference in my pain management! [ I've been also healing from a fractured foot! Fun summer eh? :() ] I've made sure to get in whole meal smoothies using canned coconut milk for a richer taste, and I've been eating more plant based protein sources like lentils and chickpea stews, and quinoa and brown rice porridge.

[ It's reciprocal, love our bodies and they will love us! ]

Healing and health can be delicious, with proper preparation by making and freezing a few simple meals or taking advantage of some of the many choices out there of pre made protein sources, frozen fruits and veg to ease the work during your body's recovery time. Feed your body and it will feed you!!

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