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Can't Poop? We've Got the Scoop! Part 2

In our last post we discussed unknown causes of poop traffic jams :() or constipation! Now let's get to the nitty gritty on how to remedy this issue. We may have the power to block on our social media, but this is one area in our lives that we don't need that blocking! :()

Many times a few lifestyle adjustments can do the trick to get things moving in the right direction. Start with our hydration, get in that water!

[ Ok, this guy is on the right track, but, let's not stress ourselves out over this! LOL It's not complicated, just drink ya water! :() :() ]

The colon absorbs water from our stool so if your body isn't well hydrated, it will result in hard dry stools. OH no...that hurts!! As for how much you should be drinking, check with your doctor, but as a general rule for women two liters and men, three throughout your day. This also depends on how active you are, medications, and other factors, which is why it's good to check with your doc!

[ Danica loves farmers markets for fresh veg and fruit finds! ]

Bet you know what's next!! Fiber, get more of it in more often. By adding fiber rich food in each meal or snack we can fill up without overdoing it which isn't good for digestion either. Aim for 20-35 grams of fiber a day. Fiber adds bulk to our stools so that they can become smooth operators! Simple real foods like nuts & seeds, fruits and veggies, legumes and whole grains fill us up and clean us out!

[ The LivingThruGrace crew love active stretching workouts, but Dainca's fake bug trick is starting to work on their nerves! :() ]

Movement- exercise that is :() is another key factor in battling stubborn bowels! Lack of physical activity is an all too common issue in modern and busy living, but many are paying the price for it with irregular bowel movements, and that means toxins are stagnating in our body! Simple walking can do the trick. Walking is the simplest and most basic movement we're designed to do! Whatever exercise appeals to you it's worth making the effort to fit it into a healthy lifestyle for healthy bowel moving!

Probiotics yay or nay? It's always best to get what our body needs from real whole food sources like fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir ( fermented drinks ), kimchi

( fermented veggies like sauerkraut ) which all contain good-for-your-gut- bacteria, that fights the bad bacteria and helps to combat constipation. If you're considering including a probiotic into your diet by way of supplements, do your research because all probiotics are not created equal. Asking your health care provider, a dietitian, or a pharmacist can lead you in the right direction with supplementing so that you're not tossing your money down the drain!

Keep working on managing stress! It's easier said than done, but our digestive health will reward us for it! Did you know that stress is a risk factor for developing IBS

( Irritable Bowel Syndrome ) which causes constipation?

[ Making time for some r & r, for fun and sun and connections is part of healthy living! It can be a struggle but one well worth the effort!!! ]

[ Violet & Veronica are getting in a double dose of stress relief through praise and nature connections! Amen! ]

Our colon is partially controlled by our nervous system which responds to stress. The effects of stress on our health is wide spread which is why at least working consistently to manage it is so important. Our most and best stress manager is our connection to a higher power so much bigger than ourselves, our Lord Christ! Only God can reach where people can't, fill what the world isn't capable, soothe unlike any human power can. Keeping a consistent spiritual connection to the LORD, his Word and way to live combats not only our emotional health but physical health as well!

Psyllium Husk is a soluble fibre that can be a little more gentler on the system than other types of fiber or if you're intolerant to bran such as wheat or oat bran. Psyllium comes from the husks or seed of certain flowering plants and it works like a charm to keep those bowels moving, especially if you're not getting enough fiber from foods in your diet. I have a digestive issue so even though I try and get in enough fiber ( but don't always :/ ), I swear by the brand listed above, found on Amazon ( but any brand that suits your needs and budget is a winner! ) for a little extra help to keep my digestive system happy! Check the labels of fiber brands as many have added flavors, colors and sugars.

This may not be the most popular option, but Prunes and prune juice are a great food choice for regularity! Personally, I love prunes LOL! For many, fresh or dried ( the more popular ) prunes and the juice are as effective as psyllium for erradicating constipation. Prunes have 3 grams of fiber in a single serving of 4-5 dried prunes which are the dried form of plumbs- another favorite fruit of mine!

[ It looks like this guy is making the right choices for his regularity!! ]

So you see, we all deal with constipation from time to time, or for some of us more often, but there are ways to manage this issue through dietary and lifestyle additions. However, if constipation continues to be a thorn in your 'side' er' well..bottom :# see you health care provider for further tests. Let's keep working to get more natural fiber into our life through smart choices, activity, and though we can't completely overhaul our stress levels; for the sake of our whole health, we can strive to manage that too! Grab some fiber rich foods and get movin'!! Feel free to check out our related blog post links below! :)

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