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Everyday Asthma & Allergy Triggers

Often times the everyday items we live with an use often in our lives are the things that can trigger Asthma or Allergy reactions. Learning what your triggers are and clearing your living space of them is a big part of asthma and allergy health management!

Those of with Asthma have probably figured out that scents can set off an attack. Air fresheners, particularly ones loaded with chemicals ( hello FaBreeze! ) and artificial scents only mask the air, they don't rid the air of a smell. Not to mention they load up our bodies with harmful health derailing chemicals.

You will make a difference by ditching those 'fake' air fresheners, yes [ those plug in's too], and replace them with essential oils, just make sure they're 100 percent real oils and no artificial junk added in. Essential oils can be found at your local health food store or on line, they're pretty widely available these days :() The nice thing about these oils is that they come in so many yummy scents, that actually have health benefits too. I like using fresh minty scents in our home such as eucalyptus, and peppermint, lavender and most citrus oils. I find these oils to really aid in my breathing for asthma and sinus nose!! :) The oils can be placed in an oil diffuser to release their glory!!

I also add them to a container like the one above with the Crew. Yes it was filled with one of the natural room fresheners ( Meyer's brand from Target), I will use this brand when I'm out of essential oils. But, after the container's empty I simply add:

**20-30 drops of my favorite oil blend

**2-3 tbsp of any white Vodka but this is optional, it keeps the oils blended with the water

**Fill the rest of the container with pure water shake and go! Or Spray :()

I've done this for years and I love the customization possible with natural essential oils!

Baking Soda is a natural odor absorber so it's great to pour into garbage disposals, trash bags, diaper bins, shoes, litter boxes the odor blasting posibilities are endless! I purchase the large bags they sell at Costco because of it's 'multi tasking' ability! LOL

[ These two flowering plants are well known to purify indoor air. Gerbera Daisy & the Peace Lily ]

Plants are indoor air purifiers, they help to remove chemicals like Carbon Monoxide from the air ( but please get a carbon monoxide detector for your home for the safety of your family! ) Check with your local nursery where trained employees can lead you to the right plants for your home. Coming up this spring we will have a post on how and what plants effect our health and well being!

Paint fumes are another big trigger for asthma and allergies. it's beneficial to look for logos with labels of Low or No Volatile Organic compounds (VOC's) along with low amount of other chemicals, if that's possible. Look for paint certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The paint our Crew bought last year for the redo of their crew house came up short! LOL

We all made sure to wear masks and have an open airy environment ( it was summer) as well as tossing in large coffee packs and baking soda in pouches, to absorb any odors! it also made the crew house smell like a coffee house! :()

Fruits can be dicy whey you live with asthma and allergies. If you have grass and or ragweed allergies you could have Oral Allergy Syndrome, where certain fruits will become a hindrance, especially during ragrwfwd season! This happens because the body mistakes certain natural compounds in fruits like pears, apples, bananas and peaches ( all a go or a no for me most of the year unless they're canned), for the same pollens that trigger your allergies.

This can result in burning, tingling or itchy mouth and throat. You should always check with your allergist if you begin to react to fruits, because this allergy can become more severe. Check out our blogs under Allergic Living for more info on oral allergy syndrome.

[ Draven's taken 'plastic' surgery to a whole new level! LOL ]

For some people about 3-5% aspirin can trigger their asthma. Taking any form of aspirin or NSAID's ( Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs) in this case could result in a severe attack. if you live with asthma, please always know through checking with your healthcare provider if these pain relievers are safe for you.

Wine is a culprit for many with asthma, especially those of who are also allergic to Food Additives, like the Sulfites found in wine and Nitrates in processed foods like meats and dried fruits. Sulfites are kryptonite for us allergic and can set off an attack in minutes. This is why it's so important to read food labels to seek out these offending chemicals and additives that diminish our health.

[ Vanessa can't wait to suit up for their crew pool this summer, but she'll have to be mindful about her asthma. We'll see what the crew can come up with for her! ]

Swimming Pools pose potential problems because of the chemical Chlorine. It's a good idea to mind the amount of chlorine being added ( if it's your personal pool) and stay clear if your'e in public pools when the chlorine amounts are high to prevent a possible asthma trigger.

Spices, we all love them, they certainly 'spice' up our meals and dance on our taste buds, but for some can trigger an allergic reaction; in particular Cinnamon and Garlic :o

Once you get to know your own body and it's triggers you will learn whether or not there's a need to avoid certain spices. The hotter ( or more spicy ) the spice the more it can trigger a reaction ( if you're susceptible )

Home remodeling and the materials used can spell trouble when you're living with asthma. Some of these materials include drywall, paint, plaster, venial flooring, wallpaper and plaster. All of these materials can release those dreaded VOC's!!

If you are going into a remodel in a part of the home:

try to seal off the rest of the house from that area with plastic sheeting

**Use an air purifier and open windows if that's possible.

**After the space is remodeled, air it our for a good while, several weeks actually.

**Make sure to protect yourself with proper coverage for the body and face

I remember when we had our bath renovated some years ago and we only have the one, so I couldn't just vacate! I made good use of face masks when I had to enter the bath, kept the house as aired out as possible ( it was during warmer weather ), had fans going-large ones, and at the time I had a small air purifier, not nearly as effective as the ones available today. Luckily, my parents live 5 minutes away so I sought refuge there when possible! :() We all have to work out matters within our own lifestyles! Oh, and the dog was pretty unhappy too! LOL!

Real Christmas trees are lovely and smell fresh throughout the holiday, but they can pose an issue if it is a trigger for your asthma and allergies! (Both for me!) Live trees being grown outdoors have buildup of pollens, fertilizer, and even mold living on them. If a live tree is your choice try thoroughly rinsing off the tree with water outside and allowing it to dry before bringing it into your house. I take all the work out of that with an artificial tree. It's one of the only times when I actually allow something artificial into our home environment! LOL! I still have to make sure the faux tree remains dust free too!

Wreaths and pine cones can be two other allergy and asthma offenders, so be cautious and make other choices so that everyone in the family can enjoy a safe and healthy holiday.

Well, we'll be doing a follow up on more everyday life triggers to navigate for the management of our health and lungs! Making a few adjustments can make big differences in your home and health!

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