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LivingThruGrace Favorite Things Pt 4

Ok, our last few bibs and bobs from our faves this year are here. We love products that enhance our health and our lives. Here are a mix up of food and household goodies, so let's get going!

Chocolate and raisins, two of our favorite snacks at LivingThruGrace! Trader Joe's Belgian dark chocolate, creamy and at 72% we're getting in all the good from this wonder food! A bar of 70-85% cocoa has 58% of the RDI for magnesium, 11 grams of fiber 89% of the RDI for copper and 98% of manganese. Dark chocolate's also loaded with potassium, zinc and other minerals so go ahead and eat up!!

Simple snacks are the best!

We love raisins, what can I say? :() These portioned controlled size boxes are perfect to toss in a pure or pocket for an on the go pick me up sweet chewy treat! Raisins are nutrient dense and a good source of energy, fiber, carbs and even protein. Though they're high sugar, they have a low glycemic index so they digest more slowly. These chewy treats are full of vitamin C calcium potassium iron and zinc. Raisins help to improve digestion, bone health, and raise iron levels, so if you're living with Anemia, grab some of these little goodies and eat up!

[ Ghee makes a healthy and buttery addition to our meals and baked goods!! ]

Ghee is clarified butter which has been simmered into a concentrate and the residue removed. What's left is a concentration of fats WITHOUT any milk residue and it means it doesn't require refrigeration. Many people who can't tolerate dairy can still use ghee without complications! It has such a rich butter flavor! Try a small jar and sample buttery goodness!

[ A little Ghee added to lattes like this matcha latte make for an omega rich, energy boosting drink for your health! ]

When used in moderation like any good fat, ghee can be a healthy addition to the diet providing the body with a higher concentration of essential nutrients which aren't available in traditional butter. This ancient butter contains medium chain fatty acids which the body uses as energy. Ghee is rich in omega-3 fatty acid which help decrease bad cholesterol levels. This wonder butter also contains Butyric acid which decreases inflammation in the body, and because of it's vitamin A levels helps to fight off free radicals that cause disease and illness.

Ayurvedic spices have been used for healing for centuries. Food is medicine and these spices are a wonderful addition to meals which add a deep rich earthy flavor to foods. Ayurvedic spices like many, help with digestive problems like bloating, heartburn, acid reflux, pain and gas, constipation and stomach dissension! Whoo Hoo!! these healing spices help to remove accumulated toxins in our digestive tract. Living with digestive problems I Love these spices, and this mixture is super convenient! I purchase from Amazon and add the mixture to an empty spice bottle for easy application!

Before I am anything, I am in and a part of my Father God! He's my power, my rock, my cushion for when I fall. Life without him would be death. I have a few bibles but this is one of my favorites, the Tyndale Life Application Study Bible, King James Version-Red Letter.

The print isn't too small for my tired eyes :() and there's just so much richness to it. So many goodies tucked inside such as the Megathemes, Key Verses and people in each chapter, a rundown of each character and more! I love digging into this bible and connecting with our Lord. Since the bible is part pink I chose these pink chapter tabs that are easy to read. :) Both the bible and the tabs were purchased from

I can't say enough about bible study guides! They are a light to lead the way to applying God's word! There are so many available to choose, and pictured above in the gallery are some of my recent faves.

** Walk in grace a guide through Ephesians by Well-Watered Women

**The Sermon on the Mount A study on God's Upside-Down Kingdom by the Daily Grace Co.

**The Story of Redemption Volumes 1-IV All of the stories in the bible summed up, by Kristin Schmucker.

**Ecclesiastes Wisdom for Living Well An in-depth bible study by Courtney Joseph

Take a gander at what's out there and you may just find a few lamps to guide you along your path with God!

Everyone uses toilets and they must be kept clean so why not make that at simple as possible? :() I discovered this Silicone Toilet Brush through a news article and found one on Amazon The great thing about these brushes is that nothing sticks to the silicone so it makes for easy clean and disinfecting up afterward!!

The brush bowl is also silicone so easy rinse and clean! These things are a boon to bathroom maintenance everywhere!! After I'm done cleaning the toilet I like to rinse and spray it with a bleach cleaner solution and let dry. These brush sets come in a few colors, like grey and black, nothing too fancy LOL! These brushes range anywhere from 13-34 dollars. I bought the Tryoler Bright Brush Set made of 100% Silicone and Anti-bacterial for 23.29 with Prime. But there are many choices to fit your budget. You won't regret getting one of these!!

Earlier this year my hubby caught hepatitis A and we had to use antibacterial wipes for our bathroom needs until he was no longer contagious. I liked these lightly scented wipes so much that they've become a part of my cleaning routine! I stick to mostly chemical free cleaning products for body and home, but having these wipes around assure a bacteria free bath experience that I'm comfortable with. They're great for quick wipe downs of the bath when you don't have time for a full cleaning, or for any other areas that require disinfecting! I buy these at Costco or Target in bulk. I get bigger sizes with more wipes included. I love the fresh scents, like citrus and mint!

Violet is our LivingThruGrace resident gamer gal! But she isn't alone, we all love our Nintendo Switch portable gamer! It's great because games can be played on the TV or portable. It's essentially a tablet that can run You Tube and Hulu as well as play games. We also enjoy playing on our 2 DS XL for all those old timey Nintendo games!! For a good gaming time you can't beat Nintendo!

We love to escape into a great story at LivingThruGrace, but don't always have the time for a big juicy book! LOL So we love 'shorts' as we call them, short stories with great plots! These books make for a mini escape that's still satisfying for us bookish nerds!

Well that's it!! All of our favorites for this year! We hope you find a few things that will prove useful, or help you to grow closer to God or get your health in order! :() It's been fun sharing these faves with you and we look forward to making this a LivingThruGrace annual tradition! Be blessed!!

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