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LivingThruGrace Favorite Things Pt. 3

Many of the lifestyle things at LivingThruGrace may not be glamorous, but they are life and health enhancing, and we think that is the ultimate glamor [ healing and feeling good! ] In our next set of goodies we want to show the things that make life a bit easier and our muscles or sinus issues more tolerable. We hope that you may discover something in our favorite things that can enhance your or your loved ones lives in some health boosting way!

Living with asthma, sinus and allergy issues can be 'draining' :() but with consistent medical and home care these issues can be managed. These are some of our tried and true staples.

Often times asthma inhalers [or other meds] can cause severe drying of the mouth and tongue. Asthma and blocked sinuses restrict airflow making it more likely that people breathe through the mouth, especially during sleep.

Saliva helps to wash away harmful bacteria in the mouth, so when the mouth is dry it's more likely for plaque causing bacteria to multiply, it also increases chances of bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. So we're Never without water first and foremost, but more is needed for this issue. Thera Breath Dry Mouth Lozenges and Biotene Oral Rinse [ or tabs also] are a rescue remedy for this often ongoing issue.

Ayr Saline Nasal Rinse is another tool that we use to manage our sinus health. Especially now I'm currently living with permanently blocked sinus passages :/ what require sinus surgery. But until that happens, I use this rinse to thin out mucus, clear out junk that needs to be :() and open nasal passages. It helps, you should talk to your doctor before using because over rinsing the nasal passages can also wash away the good stuff we need to protect us from harmful bacteria!

Arnica Gel is a loved favorite for our overworked tired muscles and arthritis!! We love that it's a natural topical choice and that the scent isn't medicinal or overwhelming!! We go through a LOT of this! LOL

Well, I can't say enough about these little nasal inhalers! My family teases me about these because I'm seldom without them! Through countless Asthma & Sinus flares, these little pups have aided me in breathing! [ Of course I continue to take my prescribed meds too]. The soothing and nasal opening natural oils work wonders to enhance my health and my breath. The oils used in this inhaler are: Eucalyptus, Menthol, Camphor, and Borneol( Thyme ). Together they are super stars!! I like unscrewing the bottom where the oils are and applying a little under and around my nose for a vaporizing effect while on the go, or you simply unscrew the top and inhale the natural oils to your benefit!

K-Tape or Kinesiology Tape is near and dear to our hearts and muscles at LivingThruGrace!! Living with arthritis and other joint injuries, this tape makes it possible to carry on with life pain free!!! K-tape is used by athletes, and other Non-athletic types like moi! LOL!! [ this tape is really great for those with repetitive motion jobs! ] K- tape is used to treat sore, fatigued, overused or injured muscles, even post surgical if doctor approved. K-tape is highly effective on it's own or can be combined with other healing modalities for further impact.

How it works is it's worn continuously for several days, usually 3-5 providing relief from chronic and acute soreness and muscle strain and pain the duration worn. K-tape is elastic and it lifts the skin slightly which instantly reduces the pressure on the pain receptors under the skin. It's stimulating effects on pain pathways helps to block pain signals going to the brain. K-tape reduces swelling and inflammation, and accelerates recovery from bruises and contusions, along with preventing muscle spasms and cramping without restricting range of motion.

The tape itself comes with a chart to instruct on how to apply to various areas of the body. Make sure your skin is clean of any body products like lotions our oils or it won't stick. I've been to physical therapy so I've been instructed on proper application methods but You Tube has many vids on k-tap application, Chiropractors too may use this and offer it as a method for healing and pain relief as well. Love this!!

I just love a fresh clean scent, not unlike a just showered smell and this bath and moisturizer combo fits the bill without any chemicals like SLS, Parabens or Phthalates! It's made with 100% vegetable oils and is biodegradable! The Oh so fresh scent derives from essential oils. A La Maison products come in other scents, though this is our go to, Fresh Sea Salt. It's hubby friendly because it's not sweet smelling!

Lastly, our back lotion applicator is a must, especially because I often have to apply a lidocaine cream to my back area where I have PHN Postherpetic Neuralgia, which is nerve damage from shingles. The areas are on my upper back and only an applicator such as this can get the job done! Unless there's another person available! :() This applicator is also good fo applying lotions, oils or anything else that needs to be applied in those unreachable areas!

Many of these products can be found on although some can be found at your local drug stores or markets in the medical/ pharmacy area. Those amazing bath products have only been found on Amazon, so get there and discover good for your skin body products that you can feel good about! The nasal inhalers also can be found on online like amazon as well. However, there are other nasal inhalers that most stores carry in the medical isles, but I haven't seen any like these that open up to healing essential oils! On Amazon type in Poy-Sian brand Mark 2 Inhaler [meaning 2 in one inhaler, or two in one essential oils inhaler], they'll pop right up! I buy them by the stacks! :()

I really hope some of these can help to enhance your health or your life. The body lotion and bath gels make great gifts, especially for those with sensitive skin. :)

Shop in good health and stay tuned for part 4 of our favorite things!

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