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Asthma & Sneezing, What Can You Do?

Sneezes are notoriously annoying :^\ but for those with Asthma, sneezing can be dangerous! Heavy breathers just can't catch a break eh? :()

Our Mouth, nose, throat, lungs, and sinuses are one long airway. They operate like a hallway with many doors. Our mouth and nose are the front door, it's where the germs get in to invade! Those germs begin to squeeze through the other 'doorways' into our sinus, and ear canals, then they slide on down the (hall), into the lungs.

Healthy immune systems works like a cleaning service, entrapping germs with our mucus [ remember mucus is there for a reason, it's only when we produce too much that it becomes a problem!]. Mucus moves those germs through tiny hairs called cilia which remove them out of our airways.

A healthy immune system is adept at fighting off common germs the way that it should, however, those with compromised immune systems [ kids, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems], are less capable of fighting off those germs.

[Vanessa's down & out with a virus and she's taking steps to prevent her asthma from flaring and this includes getting rest when she needs it. Her lungs need all the repair and assistance they can get and rest & sleep are restorative! She wasn't 'feeling' this pic! LOL!! ]

Combine that with an asthmatic's sensitive airways that are inhibited by continual inflammation makes it primed to react to potential irritants, including those that trigger sneezing, it's a disaster waiting to happen!

It's important to work closely with your health care provider and to have that Asthma Action Plan ready with exactly what to do when a cold, flu or other illness strikes. Remember to have your meds up to date and prescriptions filled as you use them. Waiting too long can create a problem if you can't get your meds in time. [ I'm guilty of this!!! :() ]

Have treatment options as a preventative for asthma flares from the over 'squeezing' pf the bronchials from the sneezing action.

Antihistamines in the form of nasal sprays, liquid or pills [ by prescription], for fighting off post nasal drip, and runny noses from colds and allergies

Nasal corticosteroid sprays are available over the counter now and help with post nasal drip and cold symptoms.

Rescue inhalers to the rescue! Keep yours near by when experiencing a sneeze attack because you may need it! Bronchodilators help to open this e airways that have been spasming from sneezing.

Inhaled corticosteroids may be increased by you doctor to prevent colds from triggering asthma symptoms, [this includes multiple sneezes]. These meds are anti inflammatory medications which is why your dosage may be increased.

Check our our blog post on the benefits of Elderberry Syrup too as a cold and flu fighter and preventative! Located under Healthy Living: Elderberry Syrup & Manuka Honey for Cold & Flu Season.

During this season of multiple viruses floating through our air, we must be diligent about out health. Good nutrition, with lots of antioxidant and anti inflammatory nutrients, consistent hand washing, [ i like to carry disinfectant wipes when I'm out for bathrooms, supermarket buggies and things of that nature]. Nasal flushing such as a neti pot or saline rinse are helpful for flushing out impacted nasal cavities when flu's or orate illnesses occur.

Nasal flushing also helps to thin out the mucus so it can move out more effectively. Get plenty of rest :O well, we can try at least! LOL Keeping hydrated is important at all times and especially of you're suffering with an illness. For asthmatics hydration keeps that pesky mucus moving along the pathways it's supposed to! Get informed and stay armed for germs on the warpath!!

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