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What's The Deal With The Impossible Burger-Safe Or Nah?

Maybe you've heard of it, maybe not, but either way the Impossible Burger is in the headlines and has made it's arrival. So, what the heck is is and why is it impossible? Well, let's dig in! :() The Impossible Burger is a plant based alternative to ground beef.

This meatless burger alternative has garnered excitement because of it's realistic qualities in look, texture, and taste; it even bleeds! :o [this is due to the Heme Protein and freaks me out a little!] but ok... The company Impossible Foods who created the burger a couple of years ago [2016] happily claim their burger most closely mimics beef unlike a traditional veggie based burger. They strive to battle back against climate change through the creation of sustainable plant based products. Plant based burgers have slowly been making their way into various markets, restaurants and fast food joints for a while now.

[ Looks like this woman is an informed consumer when it comes to buying food! She is tired of being trifled with by our food industry!! ]

But...what's in this famous burger? Are the ingredients safe? What about people with food allergies? So, the claims are the Impossible Burger is free of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals and artificial ingredients. Let's look a little closer. Oh no, not GMO'S! But yes exactly that, this burger alternative is made with GMO Soy, which is most assuredly grown and sprayed with Roundup a highly TOXIC weed killer. In fact one of the largest settlements [ $289 mill] has recently been paid to a cancer patient. A jury ordered Monsanto the creeps who make Roundup to pay a dying grounds keeper who had years of exposure to this toxic poison. Oh, and Monsanto still insists their weed killer is safe...

Heme is the fermented SOY INGREDIENT in this plant burger. Heme is a combo of Yeast Extract and Soy, and there's more soy, with the addition of Soy Protein Isolate. This ingredient is processed with a Neurotoxic a TOXIC solvent called Hexane. It's also a byproduct of gasoline!! Most All soy protein isolate is produced using hexane. Most plant based burgers contain this ingredient, along with many other foods. Soy

[ genetically modified] has been linked to countless health problems such as Cancer, Hormone disruption, Thyroid problems, Inability to concentrate, toxic Allergic Reactions to people who are highly sensitive, Fertility problems and more. Of course these results are brushed off and covered up by the Food Industry and

Government, >: /

[ The Food Industry has many TRICKS of the trade, resulting in deceptive labeling on an unsuspecting public. Awareness is crucial. ]

:O Yeast Extract, another ingredient found in this Impossible Burger and a hidden name for MSG. You see, the Active ingredients in MSG are Free Glutamates which can be found in many food additives to enhance their flavor including many 'natural' food products. But...legally if an additive has under 78 percent Free Glutamate then it doesn't have to be labeled as MSG; see, Tricks of the food industry trade! This ingredient is a well known Flavor Enhancer. Yeast extract is the 'natural' name this ingredient is labeled by. Now, for those of us with Food Allergies and Asthma, especially to Soy, and MSG; this is a recipe for disaster, and many people drawn to this supposed healthier burger alternatives may not have a clue of their ingredients.

[ I'll bet next time this little guy will be more cognizant of the ingredients in his food! ]

The health effects related to MSG are widespread because it's considered an Exotoxin as it directly effects the nervous system. Reactions from Asthma Attacks, Hives, Digestive Issues, Inflammatory Responses, Migraines, and more, and these effects accumulate over time so one may not necessarily connect the dots as to exactly what has caused a reaction.

[ Our Crew at LivingThruGrace are sticklers on label reading. Why? Because we're Health Warriors! ]

As you can see, this Impossible Burger is 'impossible' to be a healthy addition to the diet or a safe replacement for a meat based burger. All natural is an overused and widely used term to fool people into trusting the product. Unfortunately, we live in a time where our food supply is declining in quality and deception is increasing. It's up to us as the public to become informed, to research and stay on top of Label Ingredients if we are to protect ourselves and our loved ones from health blasting fake foods. We must become our own Health Warriors and map out the road to be the masters of our own Health Destiny!

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