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Almond Oil More Than Just For Cooking!

[ Nuts about nuts then get nuts for their nutty oils too! ]

Who doesn't love a tasty almond snack ( except those with nut allergies LOL)? Crunchy full of vitamin E and protein, almonds are one of nature's gifts for us to enjoy whole body boosting foods! Almonds have more to give than just their almond kernels, almond oil had been used for centuries for beauty and skin enhancement and health.

Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin K ( to regulate blood flow and prevent blood clotting) & E ( 200% of our daily requirement!), and potassium, this oil contains countless therapeutic properties:

[ Beautiful glory healthy skin is skin that's moisturized and fed form the inside and out! ]

* Almond oil is an excellent Emollient; which means it's a super moisturizer for both body and hair! It's often used to help remedy excessively dry skin. It's a really light oil and it penetrates deeply and is easily absorbed into the skin.

* It's an antioxidant Woo hoo!

* Almond oil combats UV damage when used regularly

* Both when applied topically and ingested almond oil contains anti-inflammatory properties. Hello lungs! :{]

* Almond oil assists our immune system in fighting off disease; taken both topically or internally

* Anti Dandruff treatment, almond oil helps to dissolve dandruff away

* Almond oil is good for skin suffers of Psoriasis

& Eczema because it keeps the skin well hydrated.

* Helps the body to naturally detox because it assists the liver in ridding itself of toxins, which makes it great for treating acne because it rids the skin of those buried debris that clog the skin.

* Placed on wounds it helps them to heal faster

* Almond oil acts as a muscle relaxant and it often use for massages

*Helps with constipation and helps the colon to cleans itself.. Add a few 2-6 drops to your smoothie or juice or even into milk and drink before bed and be ready of move...if you know what I mean?! :{}

* Helps heal the skin with post op scarring and stretch marks

[ Yep we're going there! ]

As you can see almond oil is a super star for the body! For the face almond oil can add much needed moisture and help with wrinkles. This super oil is known for helping to reduce under eye circles, [ apply a small amount under eyes and manage into skin gently, and go to bed with the oil on] because it increases circulation of the blood under the eyes and helps the eyes to cleanse themselves more effectively. I knew there had to be a good reason for this disgusting issue! LOL

[ Almond oil would be perfect for this blown dry lil' cutie to keep her scalp and hair healthy and growing! ]

Hair loves and appreciates almond oil! Many of the LivingThruGrace Crew ladies have taken to using sweet almond oil for help manage their varied hair issues. Almond oil effectively detangles and helps to prevent extra hair loss that often happens with tangled hair. It helps to repair split ends and dry scalp. Many of us have dry scalps naturally, and others may have it due to chemical treatments like coloring or perming or even wearing extensions or wigs.

[ Freida loves trying different oils on her thick textured naturally curly and highlighted hair. The LivingThruGrace Crew have taken to using almond oil because of it's light texture and deep moisturizing ability. ]

[ Healthy hair is beautiful hair! ]

Almond oil can help to soothe and moisturize the scalp to keep it healthy so hair can grow better! Almond oil can help those pesky and annoying dandruff issues, simply apply almond oil to the scalp and massage in well, leave in for 20-30 minutes and rinse out. Continue this treatment until all dandruff is gone.

[ Freida helps new Crew member Toni refresh, and moisturize her highly colored hair with a good detangling and an Almond Hot Oil Treatment! Afterwards, Roxy notices a big difference in 'brushability' and shine. If Toni continues these treatments there hair will recover from the harsh chemical color treatments. ]

Almond oil makes an effective hot oil treatment, warm oil (but not too hot!) and massage into scalp. Leave on for 1/2 hour - two hours and rinse with cool water. Hair will feel less dry and conditioned. Healthy hair grows faster and thicker!

What about cooking with almond oil? Well of course this oil is delicious to prepare meals with!

[ We can put our 'heart' into cooking by cooking with 'heart' healthy oils like Almond Oil! :-() ]

[ Salmon infused with natural Almond flavor from Cold Pressed Almond Oil is health enhancing and delicious! ]

Beyond sweet almond oil's therapeutic benefits it's wonderful for cooking. Since it's rich in monounsaturated fats ( linked to heart disease prevention! ) it has an ability to reduce high cholesterol too. Almond oil's high antioxidants protect us from free radicals that can lead to cancer and other diseases. It's important to get Food Grade Almond Oil when using for preparing food. It's pretty simple because food grade almond oil is usually located in the grocery section right along with the other cooking oils, and often in the ethnic foods aisle as well.

[ Veronica's looking for what was left of our almond oil, but I used up the rest on my hair LOL ]

Remember to store all of your food cooking oils in a cool dark place to prevent from spoiling, (check the packaging, some almond oils can be stored in the fridge), and to retain the nutritional benefits. Here's how to choose an almond oil"

Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil: The oil has been extracted from the plant without any extra heat which retains more of the oil's properties.

Almond oil can be mechannically pressed (from the almond kernels) or heat pressed. I input this because you may see one or both of these labeled on the bottles; Cold Pressed or Expeller Pressed. Almond oil made in France has a deeper flavor, and for more superior flavor try shop[ping for local, or domestic oils made in small batches.

Try using sweet almond oil on your next salad, and if you're not nut free add in some slivered almonds for a heart healthy and tasty salad you'll go nuts over! :(] Using almond oil in East Asian dishes would be amazing, or and how about drizzled into your cake batter or making pancakes in a little?! Sounds like good eatin' to me!!!

Nuts give back so much more than their super nutrients, they allow us to take in with whatever we make, their delicious nutty flavors and scents. While I have trouble digesting some nuts (though not allergic) I'm happy to use nut oils in all their rich nutty glory!! One of the things I appreciate the most about nut/seed oils is their adaptability; whether we're consuming or using as a body and skin aid nuts and their oils come up a winner! :}

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