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Beeswax Candles Are The Bees Knees!

[ Fun fact: Almonds are dependent on pollination from bees and without them we'd have no delicious almonds to eat! ]

Beloved bees with their distinctive buzz and chunky flying bodies that defy gravity are one of the gift's to the world. Bees give back, their weight in well, honey lol with their tireless work. Bees are the gardeners (Pollinators of apples, cherries and even avocados melons and cucumbers and up to 80% of our flowering plants!), and the creators of bee pollen, beeswax, royal jelly, and of course honey! They even have the talent of flavor enhancing honey's through pollenating different kinds of flowers!

[ Hand rolled beeswax candles have a pure homespun aesthetic that appeals

to many! ]

Beeswax candles are not only beautiful to look at, but so beneficial for our health and environment. Anyone who's ever burned some of these candles knows the delicious warm honey scent they give out!! Always look for the label 100% Pure Beeswax because if it only states Pure (without the percentage), it can legally contain other Non Pure ingredients and still have a pure table. Tricky tricky eh?! I purchased some from 100% Beeswax Pillar Candles Set of 4 Hand Rolled !00% Handmade $21.99

[Molecules, so small yet so powerful...]

Beeswax candles are considered natural Air Purifiers! Negative Ions..What? That's what beeswax candles produce into the air LOL! Let's get schooled on these ions.!! Ions are Molecules that have either lost or gained an electron (either negative or positive charged), resulting from various environmental and atmospheric forces. Have you ever swiped your feet across a carpet and shocked someone when you touched them (sometimes just for fun LOL) you're creating positive charged ions, just as electric appliances and devices and many scented candles do. Unfortunately these positive ions also carry with them harmful substances like mold, dander (pet) dust and other allergens in the air.

Positive ions form through the loss of electrons and Negative ions form through the addition of electrons.

[ This guy really needs some Negative Ions!! ]

Here is where negative ions come in as the heroes! These ions can effect your moods, health and even your energy. Negative ions are heavier than positive ions. [ I think if we could see them they'd look like bumble bees, chunky but mobile! LOL] The heavier structure of negative ions causes them to ATTRACT airborne particles such as mold, dust and other pollutants. As the airborne allergens attach to the negative ions they get a Negative Charge and fall down to lower surfaces instead of flying through the air.

[ Over the summer Violet & Roxy 'got their ions on' at Venice Beach on their day trip to California! ]

I briefly touched on Negative Ions in a previous blog post titled Natural Healing With Sea Salt (under Healthy Living, Lifestyle Focus & Allergic Living). I talked about how natural environments are full of negative ions. Waterfalls, the beach, rain forests have a great abundance of these ions and it's one of the main reasons visiting these types of places make us feel so much better!

[ These lung know what's up to get those negative ions into the air! ]

Now that we're done with our Bill Nye the science guy moments :() let's get back to beeswax candles. Thanks to candles made from the wax of bees 'out put,' negative ions clean our air giving us cleaner better air quality in our homes. Yay!

Those of us with asthma, other lung illnesses and allergies especially need to mind the quality of the air in our homes. Using beeswax candles is another tool to add to our health arsenal in the fight to reduce asthma, allergies and other health issues directly effected by air quality. Of course we're ALL effected by and require clean breathable air! :()

A few other good reasons to use beeswax candles are that they're

Longer burning


Non toxic

Clean burning

Currently, I only have battery run (faux) candles but I'm off to get some of these health enhancing beeswax candles asap! When I do desire scent in my rooms I use ( asthma safe) essential oils ( Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tee, Lavender, Winter mint, Vanilla-just for scent, not for asthma and sometimes citrus oils like Orange & Lemon but not LEMONGRASS oil because it comes from a grass and I'm highly allergic! ) and a diffuser.

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