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[ Piper always carries herself with grace and style. She is a devoted daughter in Christ]

Piper Morgan is her name healing form the inside out with God's help is her game! Piper purchased the Crew house about a year ago. She needed a place to disconnect form the world and connect to the Lord. She invited a couple friends to join her [ and pay half the bills :D ], friends who were too going through troubled times in their lives and needed support and guidance.

From there it was word of mouth, other friends or friends of friends got wind of the 'healing house' where one can come to allow God and his word and wisdom realign their lives and beliefs.

Piper thought it would be a great idea to bring others into God's light and to support one another along the way. The Crew House was born!

Piper is the calm level headed one of the crew. She provides a voice of reason, and serves as a connect for the ladies to turn to the Lord for leadership instead of the world or even friends or family.

Piper's warm and sometimes seen as the mother figure of the group. She has her hand's full with so many ladies and different age groups and personality types!!!

Piper is a woman that anyone would desire to have as a friend. :)

[ Freida's grateful for her friendship with Piper and for her new relationship with the Lord ]

Freida Matthews is a long time friend of Piper's. They went to school together and have kept in tough throughout the years. Freida lost her parents at an early age and was raised by her aunt along with 4 other cousins all much older than Freida.

Freida can be a bit irresponsible, especially with her finances. She tends to rush in to things,without thinking it through and this has caused her life to become quite a mess! Fried was one of the first to move into the Crew House, a great idea to her for financial reasons, but she realizes that she needs to take responsibility for herself and find some direction in her life.

[ That red hair though :() Gorgeous!!]

Veronica LeRue came to the Crew House by word of mouth, she had been struggling in her life, her career and the stress was effecting her health. Veronica has a high powered job as an executive in a design firm that puts many demands on her. She'd began to question if it was all worth it because though she is financially secure, her life, her spirit, was not.

Veronica hit it off with Piper and Freida, and she's coming to realize that there's a much bigger picture for her than she's able to see. She never had much of a spiritual relationship with anything, though she believes in God. Like many she just believed God was just 'up there' in the universe somewhere, but not relatable.

Through Piper's teachings ( prayer and bible study groups ), and her own disconnect from the outside world including her job which she's taken a sabbatical from; Veronica's discovering a whole new world available to her through mindful meditation, prayers, learning the Lord's way of living and a love of yoga, she's singing herself more joy filled than she's ever been!

[ Nikita is one to put others before herself, but mostly it's because she believes she's not worth the goodness that befalls her. She's learning to lean on our Lord to understand herself and her journey ]

Nikita Mears is a former Division Agent for an underground government agency! :D I know it's far fetched, but I can't lie about her background LOL!! Anyone who's watched the TV show Nikita ( an obsession of mine!), understands her :D Nikita's retired now and searching for another purpose in her life to serve others. She's spent her time after her 'departure' from Division making up for her past and still carries a lot of guilt from it. She's also never learned to forgive herself and this still causes her to be self destructive at times.

Piper met Nikki at the hospital, where she occasionally sells her hand made healing jewelry at a booth. Nikita was and is living with acute asthma now, and was there for a doctor's visit. She admired Piper's jewelry and the rest was history!

Nikita moved in in hopes to alleviate her constant guilt and to connect to a higher source so that she can re build her life. She contacted her friend and former Division partner Alexandria Udinov who is also trying to find her way after her former 'job' and needs help in overcoming her past.

Stay tuned for the next half of the Crew!

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