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Traveling With Asthma & Allergies [Including Pet Allergies]

[ Roxanne's thrilled to partake in a mini getaway to california with her friend and LivingThruGrace crew member Violet! She's looking great and traveling smart as she has remembered to pack smart with her asthma travel kit!!! ]

Anyone with Asthma or other allergies including Food allergies knows how challenging it can be for travel. Health safety is the number one priority in order to have an enjoyable trip. [ or productive trip if you're traveling for work :D ] However, fortunately there are steps to take that can make travel less stressful [ at least in this area!] for those of us with these health issues.

[ Hey We're just trying to get places too! :D ]

The first order of business for allergies/asthma travelers is to be prepared. Starting with pets; whether it be by train or air, whether you're staying in hotels air hubs or motels; most companies are expanding their pet friendly options for those traveling with pets for reasons varying from simple transporting a pet [many pet owners take their pet along for short trips due to lack of pet care options], to special needs and service support animals, and any other reason, our travel receptacles are now open to our beloved animals and that's unfortunately creating a host of issues for allergy/asthma suffers.

When you know w you are going to be traveling {flying or train} it's important to CALL BEFORE you book your travel option and inquire about the companies policies in 'supporting' their people passengers! :D Most times an airline will attempt to reseat you and your level ones in a seat the furtherest from the animal and if that's not possible then they will place you on the next flight at no further costs to you. I must stress that you need to check with each company as their policies may differ.

[ Up up and away can be a safe and 'less stressed' experience with proper packing and research! ]

If an air emergency should happen, in addition to you being prepared with your allergy and asthma safety kits which I will discusses below, airlines do have medical support on call. On most flights there is usually a doctor or someone with medical training on board, but this is not something that you should rely on. It's important to take the steps to to ensure your own safety as much as you can. Airlines will make medical emergency landings if necessary. Epi-Pens save lives- Carry them...

Hotels, Air B & B's and other forms of lodging. It's great these days that our pets don't have to suffer the fate of being left behind an can now prance through hotel lobbies just as their human families! Many times their amenities are just as luxurious as ours LOL!! Since there aren't any industry guidelines as of yet for lodging services regarding pet capacity and care, the rules for alternate accommodations will vary.

In some hotels, there will be available rooms or even floors for allergen travelers. In a growing number of hotels are Hypoallergenic Rooms. In these rooms there haven't been and won't be pets of any kind allowed in therefore assuring a proper asthma/allergy Safe environment. Yay! The reason for hypoallergenic rooms is that despite the thorough cleaning of pet friendly rooms, according to allergists, the Dander from animals [which are very small particles of skin shed by dogs, cats, guinea pigs and other animals with fur or feathers], It's these 'bits of skin' that cause/trigger allergic reactions in people.

[ Hey, I'm just trying to have a good time with my people travelers! ]

The other source of allergy trigger in pets come from proteins in their Saliva, Feces, and Urine. Saliva that has dried can transfer from and animal's fur and become airborne and then inhaled by the allergic person. Dust from dried feces [ sorry folks, it's gross but necessary to go there! :D ] will react the same way. This is why special rooms have become available for asthma and allergy suffers. For the record, most allergists and doctors state that there is no such thing as a non-allergic cat or dog no matter what your may have been told.

The website is a comprehensive website that reviews thousands of hotels that have hypoallergenic rooms including international. I continue to hold the belief that calling anyway is always a safe bet as employees being human make mistakes.

It's important that though there is growing knowledge of the seriousness of those with asthma and allergies with the public, there won't always be necessary or appropriate responses or considerable amounts of understanding or even tolerance. You should know this and be prepared for these types of reactions. [ The struggle is real folks! ] Always keep focused on the emergency at hand and [try] not to let the ignorance of others make your situation worse, ad it could exacerbate your ( or you loved one's) physical reaction as well. cooler head's prevail in these situations. Focus on getting the help you require and keeping calm.

[ I use a travel pill container to house my supplements & meds for me and my hubby ]

[ The pre mixed nasal rinse packets go smoothly through airport security!! ]

[ My porta Nebulizer, I don't often needed it but I prefer to travel with it just in case. You never know what circumstance could strike, like traveling in Humid, cold or smoggy areas, or having a illness, or reaction to something. It's better safe than sorry! ]

On our part, we can put together our own allergy safety and emergency kits! What you kit entails will be decided by you and your health challenges. I have multiple food allergies, allergies and asthma ( Yep triple whammy!!), so I take what fits my life, including healthy snacks that I can trust and rely on. :D Here's the breakdown of my kit: First An EpiPen, this is a must when you have allergies to foods and animals and such!!

Secondly, my simple and portable Nebulizer just in case my asthma triggers :O This particular one is so easy to travel with because of it's size and it's battery operated and chargeable!! I can even forego the handy travel container and just toss the nebulizer and a few news into my purse or backpack.

To round out items for my health support needs I carry pre mixed Sinus rinse packs

( see my previous blog post on Nasal Irrigation For Asthma & Allergies) to keep my nasal passages clear from pollen and other allergens! I take my two perscribed inhalers for continual asthma control [ and for nutrient support I take supplements in a travel pill container I do Not travel with all of these large containers LOL!)] Remember to check before you travel for expired prescriptions and get them filled, or carry a prescription with you and check to find out of they can be filled at out of state or country pharmacies ]

I also pack a Probiotic for digestive support. Probiotics provide good gut bacteria and may be helpful for those with seasonal allergies and asthma.:D A healthy digestive system supports a healthy immune system, and possibly protect the immune system from flaring up in response to allergens. [ I'm considering switching to a professional grade probiotic, one recommended by my doctor in the near future].

I toss in a few Digestive Enzymes for the same reason as the probiotics, digestive support. Having food allergies and sensitivities can often leave my with a troubled tummy :/ and digestive enzymes supply me with the extra support I need. Enzymes help the body break down the food sufficiently. We have enzymes in our pancreas, the stomach and in our saliva glands and intestines. So why take more you ask? As we age our guts become less efficient with digestion and we produce fewer enzymes, this begins in our late 20's! Less produced enzymes produced causes our body to have trouble breaking down carbohydrates, fats and proteins in our food which leads to digestive health issues and disorders, and even disease.

[ Before I board any flight, I load up on a Green Juice or Smoothie to hydrate my body and get in those much needed antioxidants and nutrients! ]

"All Disease begins In The Gut" ~Hippocrates

[ Two of my favorite flavors of go macro bars :D and a fruit wrap made with only apples & blueberries. ]

To finish off my travel pack I take along food snack items. I usually grab a couple pieces of fresh fruit, or veggies; have to get in those enzymes from fresh raw produce as well as the nutritional support, especially vitamin C for healthy lung support. I take a few, ( for snacks & you Never know when you'll get stranded!) whole food or protein bars that are allergy safe. It took me a while, but I'm happy to have found a brand I rely on hands down, and that is, goMacro Macrobar!!! They fit all of my food allergy needs and Still taste great :D They can be found in most health markets, on Amazon and from their website

[ Lizzy Hearts loves her tea time, it calms & soothes her and puts her in a much better mood so she doesn't run around threatening 'Off with your head!" :D to her friends and family!, Here, she's whipping up a warm cup of Matcha tea that's full of antioxidants for her health management. ]

I always carry my own teas ( tea lover here!) and I picked a Rooibos tea because it's delicious and has a host of benefits which include it's Anti-inflammatory [traveling with allergies & asthma, we NEED to keep that inflammation under control!], it also contains Quercetin which has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, that are Super for asthma and allergy support!!! Fennel tea good for Gastrointestinal support and one of my fave black teas by Fortnum & Mason :D Black teas contain caffeine that can aid in dilating the bronchial tubes to help keep them open. Bonus for asthma!

I pack a good Fish Oil supplement because it contains Omega 3 fatty acids

[ Poor Lucy, forgot her heartburn tablets! She'd better get that under control before it causes her other health issues!! ]

Lastly I keep on hand wet wipes (not pictured) and an antacid, it's really important to keep heartburn under control when you have asthma because uncontrolled heartburn can trigger an attack. Most of the time I eat properly for my health while traveling but there are always variables in circumstances that we can't control!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, when you have any serious medical condition it's good to have a medical info card for your wallet or purse or wear medical ID jewelry, or put that info onto your cell phone ( hospital staff really appreciate having all of your info, readily available!) it's come a long way since the days if large chunky obtrusive bracelets with the medic alert symbol :D Here's a website that carries a variety assortment of jewelry for both women, kids and men, but there are many places to shop for these items check or even

In the next blog post I'l be discussing traveling and eating with asthma, allergies and food allergies. :) Taking the necessary steps for your safety will afford a less stressful traveling experience for you and your loved ones. Preparing with medical supplies, foods, and knowledge of travel venue rules for allergen issues may take more work, but these extra steps on out part are our responsibility for our health maintenance. Properly prepared means more time for fun and adventures!

"Traveling-it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." ~Ibn Battuta

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