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Let's Breathe Better; Nasal Irrigation For Asthma & Allergies

In the land of the skunks he who has half a nose is king. :D ~Chris Farley

[ Roxanne shows Clawdie the nasal rinse which could help her with her asthma. Claudia's thinking 'But I'll drown!" :D ]

Many of you who read my blog know that I live with asthma, food allergies, and allergies. I try to do all that I can to effectively manage the symptoms of all of these issues, though sometimes I do have mess ups, like eating something I have no business or not covering All the bases in my home care. However, I'm learning too, and am determined to step up my health management game, especially with asthma this year.

Last summer was a beast for me and my asthma for the first time in a few years. As my health management team put together the pieces of my puzzle, it's believed that the Pain Meds I received during and after a surgery on my arm for Tennis Elbow is what started the ball rolling. MOTRIN based pain meds are a Red Flag for those with asthma as they trigger a response. [at the time I wasn't aware of this before I accepted the meds]. Secondly, the spring and summer weather was hot, thick and humid, all trigger factors for us 'heavy breathers'! Fortunately, my team Allergist, Pulmonologist

[specializes in diseases affecting the lungs and breathing including asthma] and Primary Care doctor worked to find the right formula for treating my asthma. Yay! :D

[ Feeling like you and your nose are trapped in a box? :) ]

However, in recent months, I was experiencing breath issues again, but my asthma according to my oxygen level tests were functioning normally. I was sent to an ENT [Ear, Nose and Throat doctor], and finally the very last piece of the puzzle came together. I have a deviated [Crooked] septum, which is the part of the nasal cavity [the bone and cartilage] that divides it in half. A deviated septum can make breathing difficult, and that's a big NO-NO when you live with asthma. It's why I couldn't get full control.

A few other facts on deviated septum's are that they can cause more issues that breath control. Some of the other symptoms of a 'crooked nose :D are: Frequent nose bleeds *Facial Pain * Headaches * Post nasal drip * Snoring, in fact, a deviated septum can cause sleep apnea which can bring on a host of other problems.

[ Clawdie knows she has to start doing more for her asthma management, even the house plants trigger her. Roxanne tries to support by talking about nasal rinsing, as well as the importance of eating fruits like Apples which contain a phytochemical makeup that has a direct link to improved lung function. Quercetin in particular aids in asthma and allergy health! ]

My ENT recommended Septoplasty, a straightening out of the septum by removing excess bone and cartilage to make the space between the nostrils even. Well, I didn't exactly rush into that solution! :D Yikes! However, my Pulmonologist suggested I first try Nasal Irrigation, and naturally, I was open to this...somewhat LOL I'm such a baby with these things LOL!!!! The good news is that it appears to be working. I can breathe better and my nose feels clearer...No Really! :D I didn't jump up and buy a Netti Pot, but I do use a Nasal Mist with saline fluid[ basically a salt water].

[ Ann, shows an unconvinced Clawdie that nasal rinsing isn't so bad, but I don't think she's convinced, she'd much rather check out her hair style in the mirror! Niki too, is only there to observe for now! ]

So how does nasal irrigation help us to breathe better? The idea behind a nasal rinse is to rid the body of irritating debris that get up into the nose. Our nose has tiny hairs called Cilia which helps to move offending particles like pollen, bacteria, viruses and other debris out of the nose. Sinus and allergy problems make it difficult for the nose to perform at it's best because the mucus produced by the body becomes thicker. Nasal rinses give the nose a hand LOL! It helps to more effectively push out the thicker mucus along with other invaders that become stuck in the nose.

[ These are the nasal rinses I use, preferably the Ayr Nasal Mist! :D ]

Many sinus sufferers find that a nasal rinse is most helpful with their symptoms. Since I have all three sinus, allergy and asthma I find my nasal Mist [ I'm working up to the full rinse :/ ] is definitely helpful with my breathing and my asthma! Woo Hoo!! There is a down side to nasal rinses, and that is because we have mucus in our nose for a reason. Nasal mucus serves to protect the body against infection, and nasal rinses remove or dilute the good mucus along with the bad. Whaaat!!! Most doctors advise to use nasal irrigation as needed, but many swear by it, they've improved their health with fewer sinus infections and better allergy control. Always check with your own doctor before using anything new to your body. :)

[ Ann, relaxes after her nasal mist rinse with a bottle of water. She knows water's necessary to keep the mucus in her body thinned out and to stay hydrated, her sinus meds tend to dry her out, so she drinks lots of tater throughout the day! New friend Janine, is on the warpath, there appears to be a phone mixup! ]

As for me, I'm sticking with the nasal rinse as my asthma is kept at bay. However, I do realize that my desired option is to have the nasal straightening the journey continues! I'll be sure to keep you all abreast of what's happening as time progresses. I feel that these rinses are worth a try for the alleviation of so many of the symptoms that sinus, allergy and asthma bring to the table.

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