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Life with Asthma, Just Breathe…

[Marisol's always prepared for those critical asthma moments.]

I’m a firm believer that we are often handed life experiences, conditions and even tragedies so that we can pay it forward, pass on and share our knowledge and wisdom and mistakes in order to create what I like to call a ‘giving train’.

“Life cannot subsist in society but by reciprocal concessions” ~ Samuel Johnson

As a child I developed Asthma in my early teens and it was pretty serious. Medically, there weren’t the variety of inhalers and meds to combat this disease like there are now. Over the years i moved in and out of well controlled and out of controlled asthma. As I grew older I was blessed with a long reprieve from this affliction ( outside of having related illnesses such ad Bronchitis, and Pneumonia).

However, as of late this year in particularly, my asthma began to grow into this behemoth monster that raged through my body like Godzilla on the attack! I became a regular at the local hospital emergency (“Oh Hi Mrs. Jackson, back again?”) (Pic of Gymnist stink face!) Because it had become rather unusual for me to have attacks like these, and by my description of my symptoms (I don’t wheeze or cough but have a ‘heavy’ feeling where my lungs are located both front and back), I was admitted into the hospital for further tests. After I happily cleared the heart and lung function tests and my x rays showed no signs of growths or tumors, the docs (Asthma & Pulmonary) began new treatments for what was clearly asthma back in rare form!

I dug out my trusty old nebulizer (oh, so nice to see you again!…Not! LOL), and began on the carousel of inhalers to find what fit for me and what didn’t. It wasn’t a direct

hit, more like a bumpy ride on a winding road, but eventually thanks to my great team of doctors I am breathing…once again. My asthma struggles aren’t over there are still a few glitches and recently, a missing piece of the puzzle has arose (hurray!). I still have to see my ENT (Ear Nose and Throat doc), but stay tuned, I’ll be taking you along on the ups and downs and updates of this trip that leaves me ‘breathless’!

So, what exactly is Asthma? Asthma is a chronic lung disease that in which the the airways become inflamed (Asthma is an INFLAMMATORY condition) and narrowed making it difficult for air to pass into the lungs; this results in coughing, wheezing, chest tightness and heaviness, and shortness of breath. I describe it as the feeling of after one had been running and has to stop for breath, but can’t catch any much needed air.

There are different types of Asthma:

*Allergic Asthma which is set off by coming in contact with allergens such as Pollen, Grasses, Mold, Pets (and other animals), Roaches ( Yep, folks can be allergic to these nasty critters!), and Food allergies/Sensitivities (which is why it’s so important as to what us ‘Heavy Breathers’ put into our body!).

Exercise Induced Asthma: Asthma is triggered by physical exertion and or sports etc… but improves or dissipates when the activity is stopped.

Non Allergic Asthma: The asthma is triggered by an illness like Flu, Upper Respiratory infections (like Bronchitis).

Aspirin Triggered Asthma (Known as AERD: ASPIRIN EXACERBATED RESPIRATORY DISEASE). People with a history of aspirin sensitivity can bring on sneezing, wheezing and coughing and eventually difficulty breathing.

Occupational Asthma: Caused by something in the environment on the job such as inhaled chemicals, and other irritants. An example of this would be the many soldiers who were in the Golf War (now suffer from Asthma).

One of the reasons I choose to have a blog was to have a space in which I could share and help others through my health struggles and experiences, and Asthma is a huge part of that. I live with Asthma but it doesn’t ‘have’ me, it doesn’t define, or imprison me. Has this disease of the lungs been successful at beating me down? Yes, Has it caused numerous and often confusing setbacks? Yep! Has it created a difficult to solve ‘Rubik’s cube’ matrix for my health care providers? Absolutely :{}

[A natural Heavy Breather! Our former Bully!]

However, living with Asthma has taught me to be mindful in my faith [ learning to lean on God for what i cannot control ], in what I eat, and how I care for my body. Asthma has stretched my patience and allowed it of grow (slowly Lol!), and it is a constant reminder to be accepting of my circumstances. I’m learning to keep living in between those dark cloudy spaces even if at times those spaces are very small. Life isn’t measured by the quantity but it’s quality, by it’s dedication and perseverance. I’m so grateful for every inch of space I’m granted by the Lord because he carries me through and he knows his plans for me are far greater than the ones I have for myself.

I want for all of you who are living with or have loved ones are living with Asthma to never give up and to keep focused for the light in those ‘in-between’ spaces, it’s those rays (hope framer father) that make it possible to enjoy the bright spaces. Together we will strengthen those tired lungs { :) },

fuel our body with proper nutrition through eating anti-inflammatory food, manage our stress (Asthma peeps are all too familiar with the stresses of not having enough air!), a good support system, and continuing to live our lives as fully as possible.

John 20:29 ~ blesses are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

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