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Humor Feeds Our Hearts and Minds

I really enjoy graphic novels. For one thing, they give my overworked eyes a much needed break from reading only solid words on the computer, phone or tablet.

Lucy Knisley is one of my recent favorites. She’s mockingly sincere in her often self depreciating autobiographical comics. Radiator Days is a mashup of comics on her life an other random brain spills! (a little warning there are some sexual graphic scenes in this particular book) I wasn’t expecting it but one can skip past them or choose one of Ms. Knisley’s other books.

One of the things I most appreciate about this author is her ability to replicate scenes, thoughts, or feelings many of us have experienced in our lives so well through drawn medium. Knisley’s books are relatable in a humorous way that allow us all to laugh at ourselves.

All the days of the afflicted (are) evil: but he that is of a merry heart (hath) a continual feast. ~Proverbs 15:15

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