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We Are ~ Gods Masterpieces

[ We are beauty in in physical & spiritual forms ]

[ The world is full of trickery, and general upside down-ery ~ Stay alert & Aware]

Chasing, imitating and idolizing worldly standards set by society is futile and leaves us empty and lost. The only road out of this wacky maze the narrow one ~ set by God!

Looking at our younger generations, it's so troubling the effects social media not to mention the decaying values and growing influence has on their psyches, self worth, and quality of their lives. 😔 Being so far away from our Lord God, not knowing who they are in him is making it so easy for Satan to get them in his heavy grasp ~ he means business in these final day’s...

[ like the flowers in nature, we are watered and grow ~ if we wake up to to God's ways; so that we too can flourish... ]

I wish I'd nurtured my relationship with God when I was younger; then I would've made some very different decisions... but I'm sure many of us have these regrets... However, I'm ever so grateful for my current relationship with my Lord now, one that's been steadily growing for years. We're all a work in progress, but we're also...Works of Art by our creator. Making mistakes, humbling ourselves, starting again... it's all a part of the human process here. We can't get it right by operating on our own power, but by the power of the Lord! :() We're a work in progress folks - right?!!

[ We can be on fire for the Lord, or later burn with Satan by our choices... ]

It's the same story, with the same results; chasing, imitating and idolizing beauty or any standards set by this world; it's futile, and disappointing, especially in God's eyes... Do we still get caught up, yes, regardless of where we are in our spiritual growth, it happens because we are in a sin flesh body that's at war wit our spirit mind.

But, a big bonus that stems from having a relationship with God is that we become aware of our wrongdoing, our wrong living and acting and have the desire to correct and remedy our behavior to favor Godly living! The more frequent our involvement with and deeper our connection to God the better able we are to live lives that are pleasing to him and shines his light into the world!! Amen

[ Bird song ~ God’s Playlist ☺️ ~ Wonder what he’s listening to? 😆 ]

The more I develop my relationship with God, the better I'm able to 'see' the multitude of ways he speaks to me, whether it be through a person, a message in scripture, or even birdsong ~ which happens frequently. I have a connection to birds through God, and they have always served as a source of comfort and a corporal reminder of God's presence and protection.

The greater my relationship with God the more I see myself differently ~ better ~ as in needing nothing from the world to 'improve' myself. I don't look outward for validation of my physical appearance Or my spiritual reality. God teaches me who I am, and His right from wrong ~ completely OPPOSITE from what the world shouts at me...

When I think about how my Father God loves me, how he knows the count of each hair on my head; the detail and time he took in creating me, the passion he has in his relationship with me, the sacrifice he made for me... it overwhelms, and I don't feel worthy of this kind of love. But I am, because God tells me so. How can anything this world says compete with that?!!

[ Creating delicious yumms full of love and using some of the bounty God has provided us with...that's beautiful! ]

Getting closer to God redefines our relationship with beauty and what that means. We begin to 'see' or unsee the false ideals of beauty set by this world. We begin to understand that we are not less but more! We are the Co-Heirs of Christ! How can we allow anyone on earth tear us down with this as our truth?! All the illusions become clearer, and seem so ridiculous the more our eyes, minds and spirit open fully.

[ A woman or man who loves God, yeah, that’s beauty in it’s best form...]

The ways in which we live our lived become greater, redirected from any need to prove ourselves to anyone ~ what for? ~ We've been approved and promised an eternity of God's infinite love. What can human acceptance really do for us knowing this?

We can live lives that see beauty God's way... Look around; God's beauty is everywhere...

* A God who's greatest desire is to be with us All-The-Time ~ that's beautiful!

* Hugging someone

* Smiling

* Kind acts

* Children's laughter

* Baking something for someone

* Comforting someone

* Laughing

* Praying

* Quiet calm in God’s peace

* Simple living...

* The earth's bounty that is nature ~ God's canvas provided for us...

Get the picture? Beauty is so much more than the focus on ourselves, its the focus outward into God's windows, it's seeing with our hearts instead of just our eyes, it's knowing who God is and how to live to please him!

[ Lexi loves to wreck her brain with word puzzles; thinking, yeah, that’s beautiful! ]

I can't tell you how freeing that is!! Real freedom, Not Worldly Freedom!🙌🏽

Freedom to sin is NO freedom at all ~ it enslaves us to Satan, to others and to our own clearly desires.~Charles Stanley

We in God are FREE to do right and glorify Him by our actions.

An entire world, the one God made for us opens up to us when we change our focus, reestablish ‘real’ reality from the twisted one of this broken world. Life becomes the rich experience that our Creator meant for us to have in the place he created for us to live and enjoy.😌

the unfolding beauty of a gentle spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

~1 Peter 3-4


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