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Are You An Introvert? Here are the Benefits!

I've been pretty introverted most of my life. I remember my birthday party in kindergarten and hating being the center of attention! LOL Oh, same goes for my wedding! LOL In my youth I used to wonder why I liked keeping to myself so, but I also was seldom bored. I had friends, and enjoyed interacting with them, but my 'battery' would run low for companionship, unlike my peers! :()

I'm grateful for this trait for from it was born a voracious bookworm, a quiet contemplator, a creative drive that absolutely must be satisfied! Furthermore, from this gift [ introvert ] as I see it, developed a higher sensitivity which has allowed me to be more sensitive to the feelings of others, an to get so much from life's richness in the small things; like a sunset, an event, the ocean, flowers, with their vivid colors and scents. I always seemed to get so much more from what others took for granted. I was never one to bow to peer pressure because I never felt the need to be part of any group. I was fine on my own.

I feel deeper, and longer...That doesn't always end positively and I've had to learn to deal with that too! :() However, so often society mislabeled introversion as shy [a word all of us 'verts' despise! ] We are so often misunderstood, and for that given other labels such as aloof, antisocial, unfriendly [ I'm very friendly ], cold, lonely or boring.

[ Yep! I full charged introvert brain is a happy brain! ]

Being labeled stems from a lack of understanding and that's why I want to write this post so that introverts can be better understood. Check out my previous blog post: I'm mostly An Introvert...and I'm Just Fine With It... under Lifestyle Focus for the scientific info on the different brain chemistry of introverts and extroverts

[ Vanessa's really a cool gal, but she's in definite need of a recharge, and she's over this conversation! LOL!!! ]

Introverts get our energy FROM spending time alone, like charging a phone! LOL Listen, a well charged introvert can go move through their world with wonderful 'connectivity', it makes all the difference!!

Our world tells us to speak up, that louder is powerful, to seek attention to be joyful, happy, and successful. Introverts achieve more going in the opposite direction. Being within ourselves, we are able to tune into our innate strengths and abilities. Being forced to 'extrovert' without authenticity creates an ineffective person. Introverts should not only acknowledge their natural inward traits, but embrace them and use them to become the best versions of themselves!!

There are some pretty great qualities that come along with being an introvert! We are generally excellent listeners and thoughtful with our speech, because we think deeply, and weigh carefully what we want to say or how we present ourselves. Introverts are as a whole deep feelers and thinkers whether expressing ourselves or not.

We are observant to the max, noticing things, small details that may go missed or thought to be uninteresting by others. Extroverts, tend to process outwardly, where as we process inwardly, soaking in the situations or environments we're in.

Introverts make great and loyal friends and partners in relationships because they choose more carefully who they let into their circle. In fact having in introvert as a spouse/romantic partner is a boon because we are seldom clingy!! Our own need for space and solitude makes us understanding about giving that to others as well.

[ Pets too, are amongst the highly coveted in an introvert's world! ]

A small bubble of friends and or family that an introvert can feel comfortable, accepted and close to is always preferred over a large network of people.

In fact, when an introvert is in their element amongst good friends/family, they actually can become the extrovert! If you are amongst one of the few in an introvert's inner circle, consider yourself highly chosen!! I find this to be absolutely true as I am usually the one chatting up loved ones! LOL

Having an introvert as a leader can be a positive experience because they are compassionate, and don't have the desire to walk over others to hog all the credit. Introverts tend to work well with their group through more centered conversations, paying actual attention to their co workers and their skill set!

I'm calling all introverts; there's nothing wrong with you!! Learn to appreciate this quality that is unique to us and embrace it. God created a variety of personalities, I mean how boring would it be if we were all extroverted or introverted? :()

Often other well meaning people in our lives will ask if we're lonely or what is it that we do by ourselves so often LOL!! Really, even the most mundane actions that may be uninspiring to an extrovert can be our idea of a good time! You see, we enjoy our own company, we like and crave being in our own space do whatever it is that we wish!

A few well known introverts:

Rosa Parks [ Being introverted doesn't mean that you're a doormat for the world, she was a Lion!!

Eleanor Roosevelt "You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

JK Rowling We all know that this woman's quiet creativity created one of the most well known book sets of all time!

Michael Jordan, surprised? He's a known recluse inspire of his prowess on the court!

Mahatma Gandhi a farce leader, also in introvert.

Albert Einstein actually considered his introverted tendencies necessary for his successes. His quote on the benefits of embracing your introversion and not trying to fit into some other mold states: "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will believe it whole life believing that it is stupid."

If you're an introvert or simply have introverted tendencies, live that, and if there's an introvert in your life, hopefully this post will enlighten you to the inner workings of the introverted mind! :()

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