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We clean out our automobiles, homes; we clean our body, but it's time we focus on cleaning out and building up our brains too!! It’s time to clean out the muck of this world, the confusion, distortions, distractions, disillusions out of our minds and hearts.

We all have two sides we struggle with our entire lives, the flesh and the spirit. These two sides are at war with one another and it’s up to us to be the five star general and effectively lead one of those sides [ the spirit- God Centered side ] to victory.

No bombs or bio weapons are used in the wars between these two areas of our being, but there is a weapon being used against us. A cleaver and devious one who’s ultimate goal is destruction of our souls. That guy above look familiar? 😄 [While we know that Satan can take any form that pic is just a familiar representation.]

This is why it’s so necessary to consistently clean the muck from our minds, to scrub out spirits and douse it with the power of the Holy Spirit that already lives in each one of us! The Holy Spirit acts as our loofa, able to get grime and gunk out and Gods Holy Word acts as our ultimate cleanser, getting off the ‘dirt’ of this world and making us cleansed in the light of the Lord.

[ Vanessa is conflicted and distressed with the current state of our world and her life. ]

Godly wisdom is our most powerful weapon against the enemy.🤺

A man’s wisdom makes his face shine and the hardness of his face is changed.

~EccL 8:1

This world is conflicted, confused, and calculating. So much of what we’re being shown is insidious - Satan’s trickery not to mention some of his most effective methods at work (to win) - deception and division two of his [‘provisions’ ] for humanity, and it’s working...

[ Yep, we don't want to end up like the infamous Queen of Hearts! Her heart hardened and shrank... along with her spirit. ]

Clean out the brain! Clear out the cobwebs In the form of media manipulation, political separation and spiritual traps. These cobwebs have encased the minds of so many, 😑 sweeping away all forms of critical thinking, reasoning, morality, respect for human kind, and a direct hardening of the heart.

[ Ness knows who has her back, who is good - when humanity isn't - all the time - Our Lord God! She's getting some much needed 'self help' by the Master of it all Christ Jesus! Growing in faith is a real blessing - Amen!! ]

[ She looks all too familiar both in dress and attitude... don't you think?... ]

Staying in the wisdom of the Lord avoids those 'fools traps' of the world.

Dead flies putrefy the perfumer's ointment, And cause it fo give off a foul odor; so does a little folly to one respected for wisdom and honor. ~Eccl 10:1

Too much foolishness happening, and instantaneous reacting without true wisdom.

Let's learn to look within to 'see where out hearts wisdom is leading us. Let's not allow our hearts ( and minds ) make fools of us.

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