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Better Brain Health!

I think we can all agree that all of our brains are taxed these days! From working, to daily living and health to tech living and more our brains are just as over worked as we are! :() Brain health isn't something many of us really focus on, or if so, it's shoved aside for other more pressing health matters. But I say what's more pressing than our 'hard drive'?! Would our computers work without one? :()

[ Our brain's need our help!! (S.O.B.) Save our Brains!]

Cognitive decline is on the rise and with millions of people in multitasking overload, rising Alzheimer's, brain fog stemming from everything from gluten to medications and more; it becomes clear that brain health and maintainence is pretty important. Researchers have discovered that after the age of 40, some aspects of dementia are already taking place. In fact, many of the markers for dementia can begin by age 30.

[ Perhaps that scarecrow just needed more brains nutrients! LOL ]

There is good news; there are some actions that we can take so that we don't end up like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz! LOL!! There are steps that are scientifically proven to increase chances of preventing or delaying mental decline. So we begin with something everyone does throughout our lives..EAT!! :()

[ In fact; according to the directors of the Brain Health and Alzheimer's Prevention Program, 90% of Alzheimer's cases can be prevented with a shift in DIET & Lifestyle! Wow! Can you believe how significant that is? I know that we're bombarded with info on how to eat for better health and living, but food is huge folks!! We shouldn't underestimate it. ]

[ Punchy's dietary choices aren't the best for brain support! Processed carbs & refined sugars! Let's help her get on track! ]

We know that smarter dietary choices do enhance the quality of our bodies and our lives with the prevention and supportive treatment of disease and brain health.

[ Now, how is this not a treat?! Delicious and brain fueling! ]

By reducing refined carbs and sugar and adding in good quality proteins and healthy fats at each meal prevents blood sugar spikes and drops that can affect our moods and concentration. Over a period of time, the inflammatory effects from all that sugar and refined carbs cause havoc on our brain health!!

Gluten is a common food allergen that can cause inflammation IN the brain :O Brain inflammation from gluten leads to brain fog and mental decline. Any food that results in the inflammatory response in our body whether from food allergies and sensitivities, to other factors ( OTC meds...), is something we should take note and make efforts to avoid as much as we can.

[ I can see those eye rolls now! LOL!! No worries, we don't have to give up all of our favorite treats...moderation is key! (:L) Oops! I mean :) ha ha! ] - Real talk!

[ This doesn't mean we shouldn't Ever indulge in our favorite treats, and most of us aren't going to just completely cut them our of our diets to be honest :() but if we make a concentrated effort to add in more and more of the good things, we may not have as much room for so much of the not so good things! ]

Those healthy fats from foods like high quality oils, [ extra virgin olive, avocado, ] olives and avocados, nuts and seeds, coconut and coconut products like whole canned coconut milk, egg yolks [ the best and most nutrient part of the egg! ], grass fed meats

found in most markets these days, [but we have to do what fit's out budgets, so add in other good foods if grass fed meats aren't an option ]. Fatty fish such as salmon, anchovies, and sardines and grass fed butter are also good and tasty choices to add into our diets. Having Omega-3 fatty acids circulating throughout the brain has been linked to larger growing brains. DHA in particular makes up 97% of the brain and 93% of the retina of the eye, so we can see how crucial it is to have adequate amounts of this nutrient to protect us from aging related mental decline, and to reduce the risks of dementia and Alzheimer's.

[ We always keep grass fed butter on deck for extra flava! Scrambled eggs anyone?! :) ]

Consuming foods high in Choline a 'brainy' nutrient found in dark greens, organ meats and egg yolks can help to protect our nervous system, stave off degenerative diseases and boost cognitive output! Feed your taste buds, tummies and brains!

[ Coffee and chocolate..I mean; what's better?! ]

Superfoods, that aren't 'faddy' but real foods that most of us have in our actual lives are another key to boosting our grey matter! :() Foods like turmeric, blueberries, coffee (Woo hoo! Another good reason for it!), tea, dark chocolate, egg yolks, red grapes and walnuts all contain key vitamins, minerals flavonoids, polyphenols antioxidants and other nutrients that our brain Feeds on!! These foods provide us with a brain boost now and strengthen it for our future!!

I've said it before, and we've all heard it over and over, but we really need to Unplug! Tech is getting more advanced but we are too reliant on it and our brain's as well. Memories are shorter, along with attention spans; not to mention the continuous stress from various social media living, or working and not being able to let go and actually live life Outside of technology!

[ Punchy's on the right track with physical fitness! ( just in time, it seems that she's been pulling her hair out from being over stressed! :o ) Exercise aids in reducing inflammation, decreases stress, promote cellular health, while increasing physical and mental energy! So get moving!! ]

As a society we are officially over done! We are over multitasked, over worked, over stressed and so on. Our brains are feeling the effects. I can't stress how important taking some down time away from everything is for our brain and emotional health.

If you feel like taking time isn't doable, try breaking down time into segments, small increments of 10-15 minutes. You and your brain health are worth it!

[ Punchy makes sure to take time away from tech by removing it from her sight! She's now free from technology's 'chains' so that she can participate in positive life activities. ]

[ This year I made a decision to dive into plant life, no more fake plants for me LOL! I like the calming sensation interacting with and caring for plants has on me and my health. Who's with me? Start with something easy like a cactus or succulent plant! :) ]

Put DOWN the phone. tablets, computers and turn on something that you enjoy. Playing with the kids will demonstrate that childhood playfulness again! Read 10 pages of that book you've been meaning to read, do some 10 minute breathing or yoga/stretching exercises, take a power nap ( sleep is so important for our over- worked brains! ), get silly anything that brings life back into your life!!

Stress is drastically increasing in modern day society and when stress increases so do Cortisol levels while important brain chemicals decrease. This throws off the brain's balance required for effective cognitive function. Our brains need down time too!

We don't have to fret, because we have some measure of control over our brain health! It takes some effort and healthy decision making to begin to make small adjustments for healthy brain changes that will result in peak brain health and function for better quality of life!

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