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Super Simple Meditation For Your Body & Soul!

Don't get nervous! No this is not some new age-y practice :() No this won't be as difficult as you're thinking :() :() No this won't take up large chunks of your time! Yes, you will learn to Be Still over time. Yes you will be learning how to connect and listen to Our Lord. Yes your body will begin to read this as stress reduction! Yes you will be fidgety, and your mind will wander everywhere! No you're not meditating wrong! :()

[ We are spiritual warriors here on this plane, and our connection to our Lord is our weapon; For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. ~Ephesians 6:12 ]

Now that we've got those mind nasty's out of the way let's get into Meditation and why we all could and will benefit from this ancient practice! Each beginning of the year I like to talk about putting God first before life, and that's because It's One Of Most Important Things We Need To Do entering our day! It just is folks... ( :-[] )

We all tend to have high expectations for the new year and eventually they fade out as life sucks us in ( it happens to us all! ), but what I've learned is that unless there's a continuity of spending time being still, listening, surrendering to his will (I know; it's Not easy!! ) we'll just end up giving life permission to put our minds, and spirit in the grinder to make mince meat out of it. It's really up to us...

[ After a workout I often find myself in that space where I find quiet stillness of mind, a tired but energized and peaceful state that makes it easier to take a meditation break!]

Meditation is easier than you think; find a spot where you can be alone ( that may not be easy for some of you!! LOL ) It doesn't require a fancy zen like area; your bed, a chair the sofa or floor is fine ( hide in the basement if need be! LOL ). Remember God meets us where we are! Simply sit and be still, (as still as you can be; fidgeting is normal we as adults do it too! LOL) and just be quiet. Mindfulness is the awareness of whats happening around you, and awareness of your thoughts, and emotions, aches and pains etc... but sitting through it anyway, not judging yourself or your thoughts, just being present. Yep it's that simple!!! Meditating mindfully! :}

Being aware but 'checking out' and being silent are some of the fundamentals of mindful spiritual based meditation. That's why it's so important to find a few minutes alone. Our Father isn't a magic 8 ball ( who remembers those?! ), or a genie. We can't just go on and on with our petitions and then jump back into life and wait for the 'magic to happen.' Our relationship with God should involve reciprocity, we are not here to just ask and take.

[ Nikita found a quiet space, {not an easy task in the Crew house!} to be in the stillness of her day...]

Within the silence of stillness, you may feel uncomfortable; that's ok, it's new and we're an impatient society. LOL!! As this practice becomes habit, we will find ourselves surrendered to the quiet space...the space where we can LISTEN! (Don't fret; remember a wandering mind is normal! Feelings creeping up is normal! Boredom is normal!! ) God asks us to surrender to him, to relinquish control, to do as he asks of us. This is difficult because the flesh is demanding and strong; and it takes real discipline and work to combat our flesh life!

[ The LivingThruGrace Crew partake in some group prayer and chat time before the day begins. Violet sits in the stillness as she connects to our Lord in prayer.]

I sit in stillness for a few minutes before my devotional readings and prayers. What makes me joyful is that this time flies by, and I'm ready for more time with him as he awaits my company!! Remember, he created us to be apart of him, he is our friend, our constant companion. He's just waiting for us to show up.

Let's show up, each day, but not only in the few minutes (or whatever amount of time you've committed to in stillness), but throughout our days. I NEED that checkout time, or time out LOL! Just a simple moment or two of prayer and (or) silence results in better days, better relationships, and better health. Are there still times where I'm too hurried and forget to check in, yep! However, I always feel it. Life is so much heavier on our own...Let's be carried...

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