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Welcome 2018!

Happy New Year!!! We made it, whew that was some run!! :-(} We've been granted another clean slate, a fresh starting point of which to create who we desire to be and what we're intentional about. It's ok, and we'll be alright; as long as we continue to remember that we're a part of a bigger picture. We're all COGS on the same wheel moving towards a path set by God when time began.

[ Piper Violet & the rest of the LivingThruGrace Crew are ready for 2018 and are learning to lean into the Holy Spirit to lead them! ]

Let's do, be and think differently; let's allow life to happen and stop fighting it. Let's allow our emotions to just be, to walk through them, but SEPARATE them from our purpose. Allowing emotions to run our lives often leads to self created messes. :O

But how, how do we just drop those emotions and live differently? It takes Prayer, Stillness in God and Discipline! LOL But what's the other choice, continuing on the paths we've set for ourselves in the same direction, hitting the same walls, dealing with the same frustrations the same ways?

[ Be still, and know that I am God. ~Psalm 46:10 ]

I don't know about you but I'm tired, physically and emotionally and I need a different road. The way has always been there, but I've chosen to ignore it. Does this declaration of Independence through Dependence on God mean all problems and issues are solved? Not really...we're a lifetime work in progress! So yes we will still fall down, screw up and allow anger and other feelings make more trouble than their worth!! :-[] But the more we sit still in God, the more we Listen, the more we make this a PRIORITY in a lives, BEFORE we begin our lives LOL; the better we'll get at the rest!!

Let's move forward, with confidence through our Lord, into the next chapters of our lives lived better!!

In our next blog post LivingThruGrace will dive into another important part of our connection to God; meditation. Wait!!! It's not as complicated as you may be thinking LOL!! Welcome to 2018!!!

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