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Coconut Macaroons? Not Exactly!

[ This pic with Willow gettin' to baking was taken after the batter set in the fridge overnight, they look firm but when baked they still resulted in the amazing caramel-y candy-cookies now love! ]

Yesterday I wrote a blog post on coconut milk products and the varieties and I mentioned that some of the LivingThruGrace Crew and I decided to make some coconut macaroons. Well, something went awry and resulted in a much different treat, but oh so delicious none the less. :() The recipe was simple enough, it included a can of Condensed Coconut milk ( I as happy to finally get to dive into this!) shredded coconut and vanilla. I must've misread the recipe and didn't add enough of the shredded coconut ( I don't know how that happened LOL ) and when baked they sort of melted into a gooey coconut-y caramelish candy-cookie :()

[ I decided to add a touch more coconut here because the cookies were flattening out into a taffy! But my next batch I just may roll with it!! Coconut caramel taffy! Match made in heaven! ]

It was one of the best tasting mistakes i've ever made (and that doesn't happen often, usually my goof ups are trash bound!). Afterwards I realized I was supposed to add an entire 14 0z bag of coconut and not a portion of it. I was rushing out and wanted this treat to take with me on the road that's probably what happened because who messes up a recipe with only 4 ingredients (the fourth was chocolate chips which I didn't want).

[ Clawd's and Willow discuss what happened and hope that the other crew members like our Mistake Cookies as much as we do! ]

Here's the cookie batter a day or two later as the coconut began to absorb some of the evaporated milk, but they still baked up caramel-ish and gooey because I didn't want to add the entire bag of coconut as I love this texture and taste! I think that's the beauty of condensed coconut milk, it's richness results in tasty desserts and treats that is forgiving with ingredient snafu's!

[ In the pic above you can see how burnt sugary and caramel like these cookies look!! Clawdie and Willow have NO complaints or disappointments as they marvel at and dig into our treats! :() ]

So here's the before and ( my after ) recipe!

Original Recipe:

1 14 oz bag of Unsweetened coconut shreds

1 can of Condensed Coconut milk (you could use the dairy version if preferred)

1 tbsp Vanilla ( Vanilla bean would be awesome in these! )

Chocolate chips but these are optional

Mix all ingredients together and place them onto parchment paper or a non stick baking sheet

bake at 350 for 15 min checking to make sure they don't burn; you know how 'sensitive' coconut is!

Allow to cool for 20 min or so and enjoy

If you prefer you can melt some chocolate and dip the chocolate chip macaroons into it for super chocolaty goodness, but I wasn't feeling it so I omitted all chocolate really because they're sweet enough on their own

[ Can you see the difference? My 'mistake' macaroons are sticky gooey and full of caramel goodness! ]

My Recipe: Mistake-A-Roons

1 can of Condensed Coconut Milk

About Half of the 14 oz bag or so of shredded unsweetened coconut

( I like Bob's Red Mill Brand :) )

1 Tbsp Vanilla- Alcohol Free

Stir until mixed

Place spoonfuls onto parchment paper & bake at 350 for 10-15 min watch closely as coconut burns easily!

Allow to cool and enjoy the caramel-y goodness!

I'm going to make these (Mistake-a-roons) this way from now on because they are even better than traditional macaroons in my humble opinion!

It's up to you which one you'd prefer to make but I encourage you to try my 'mistake' version just once, you won't be disappointed!

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