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Stop Drop & Roll Into Jesus!

Cast all your care upon him; for he carter for you. ~1 Peter:7

Are you Casting? Not unlike fishing casting requires for us to reach out and cast our

( Rod ) our troubles into the 'rivers' of our Lord and Savior. But, instead of coming up with a hearty fish when we cast our cares, we come up with confidence in Jesus not in our own ability to handle our afflictions.

And they brought him to Jesus: and they cast their garments upon the colt, and they set Jesus thereon. ~Luke 19:35

[ LOL! Anne's not feeling Violet's spiritual demonstration with their new pillows! ]

The tossing of cloaks (garments) onto the colt was the people's way of symbolizing their giving Jesus the proverbial wheel'. But how often do we forget this action so imperative to our existence? How many times do we choose to carry our burdens on our backs ourselves, believing that we're the best at handling the business of our lives? We so often forget that these actions are too, a form of pride. Believing that we're capable of taking care of ourselves sans any spiritual casting keep us at bay from God's providences for us, and keeps us from humbling ourselves...

I am guilty of this to many times to count, [ even times in which I'm unaware of my actions ] throughout my life and the results are always less than profitable... Here's where troubles are breed, troubles in the form of not caring for myself in ways that I should...can we just say cookies for comfort?! :(), undisciplined with workouts, bible study, feeling sorry for myself, feelings of resentment over what I'm failing to control, feeling like I'm just running on a hamster's wheel. All of this fallout stems from refusing to let go, to just stop and cast, cast onto Jesus...

[ When we take on more than we're equipped to handle, we imprison ourselves! I've been on 'lockdown' more times than I'd like to admit!! ]

Casting our cares isn't a one time deal, a sole action and we're set for life. Casting is to be done moment by moment, daily, continuously throughout our lives. [ Yeah, here's where I get it twisted and forget that! ] I'm learning [once again because I'm just a work in progress!] to form this one actionable behavior Casting in order to rid myself of my other negative ones. It's in my nature to 'carry the world', but it's NOT what I'm created to do. That job's for the Lord! Learning to drop this 'life altering' habit will alter my life, but, in a better way.

Casting is more of a transfer of power to the one who really is in charge! Most times we will transfer one big thing, perhaps something we've been praying about or some major occurrence in our lives. But God asks of us to make a Complete Transfer of ALL of our burdens! There is so much power in ALL!! We don't have to pick and choose! :)

Understanding that we aren't equipped but God is, is a form of Humility and for this transaction to work it requires us to humble ourselves and admit this (to God.) After all we certainly don't have the bigger picture when going through our trials, but God does, he is all knowing, and his wisdom is infinite.

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time. ~ 1 Peter 5:6

It's easy to become overwhelmed and experience anxiety when we're experiencing a trial where we don't have the answers or the control. Often our trials are the very things God uses to humble us and bring us back to him. We often have to be 'forced' to let go when we have no other choice. It is in this space where we learn who really has control over our lives!

I've come up with a phase to help myself when I get caught up in myself :() and that is to STOP DROP & ROLL, just like fire safety, this applies to our spiritual life as well. After all, trials are the 'fires' that refine us!!

Stop: My current thoughts & actions.

Drop: The belief that I am in full control.

Roll: Into Jesus, Almighty, who always has Full control and knows what's best for us.

[ Relying on ourselves solely, and without God can bring about a long hard

fall! ]

It 'ain't' easy, but using this fire safety method has been helping me to recognize my behavior patterns and alter them. I hope it can help you too! I know I'll get better at this and I'll begin to reap the benefits of humility, of casting, of trusting in the Lord's abilities over my own.

For it is God which worth in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. ~Phil 2:13

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